How to Dating: Gettin’ Out There and Gettin’ Some

Whether you are just starting out or your woman left with the FedEx man and now you are forced to get back in the game after ten years, the how to dating techniques, rules and instincts are an essential part of the scene. Find out what you can do to search for that perfect mate or how to just start getting your donut glazed. It is a ruthless scene and being in top form will hopefully give you the edge you need to surpass all the other sharks sniffing around your potential girl.

Check Your Package

If you are not wrapped nice with an attractive bow and smelling like sunshine you might as well stay home and jack it to MILFS Gone Wild. Look in the mirror before you step into the dating scene and make some needed adjustments.

1. Body Hair Keep the pubes, underarms, back, chest, nose, ear and skull hair in check. This does not mean you have to shave everything off (unless smooth is your groove) it just means that you should trim here and there. Most women like a cleaned up man, others like some furry qualities, but rarely do they like a farm animal.

2. Fashion – If you dress like someone from 1990 you could end up with a sixty-year old divorced, botoxed, saggy cougar wannabe that tells you she’s forty but smells seventy. Pick up some current magazines, find what suits you and go shopping.

3. Get in Shape – If your stomach is hanging and your ass is jiggling, stop eating and start exercising. You will need to be in your best shape to attract the top fish otherwise all the fatties will come running.

Casting the Line

Stick to a multi-pronged approach, not just one dating choice. Bars are okay but they can be misleading as most are dark and full of inebriated baggage. Much success has been had with online dating sites but should be treated skeptically. Joining groups and teams are a great way to meet women as you will both already have something in common.

Choose Carefully
Once you find some dating candidates look at the big picture. The surface may be hot but going beyond a one-night bang requires a few concerns. Opposites attract and then kill each other, the more you have in common the better. Try your best to decipher her mental state. Red flags include: constant references to mean old boyfriends, abusive parents, repetitive negativity, health issues, twenty jobs in the past year, being an “artist” and six drinks in one hour.

Watch out for Baby Mamas
Unless you want to hit-the-ground-running and create an instant family, beware of the women that are on the prowl to get married and have kids, yesterday.

The how to dating approach is an important preparation technique. It will instill confidence and know-how that will enable you to make an educated decision. The days of meeting someone at the church or temple social that is not crazy or diseased, is over.

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