Bad Boys Vs. Nice Guys

Many women have dated a bad boy. She finds him mysterious and charming, but when he leaves her hanging on a string after he has had his fun, she may give up and turn to a nice guy for attention. This doesn’t work in anyone’s favor, as the nice guy doesn’t want to be second best, and she wants a relationship with someone who gives her what she wants. Subconsciously, she may not want to admit this but she feels worthless because no one likes to be treated like shit! Continuously making these decisions and choosing to date bad boys vs nice guys does nothing for her confidence.

What is The Appeal of Bad Boys?

Bad Boys don’t need a woman to feel happy. They are confident and mysterious because they are happy and know what they want. When a clingy woman comes along, it feels good for him to call her when he wants some action, and she feels that he is playing games when she doesn’t get what she wants. This isn’t the case. So called “bad boys” don’t wait around for phone calls and texts, they get on with their life. This lack of attention toward a woman makes the heart grow fonder, or could piss some women off, which is where the hearts and candy melt her heart.

Why Do Nice Guys Come Last?

Nice guys treat a woman with respect. They take her out for meals, buy her flowers and candy, and make her feel wanted with sweet compliments. However, what’s exciting about a guy who worships his girl? Most women soon give up on the “bad boys” and settle for a nice guy. Remember, she attracts who she thinks she deserves. Nice guys want to treat her like a princess, and what’s wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with bad boys or nice guys. They are complete opposites, but many of them don’t want to play games with a girl. Bad boys may state that they want fun right from the start and nice guys may want a relationship, and this can be off-putting for most women looking for fun. There really is no way to know between bad boys vs nice guys until doubt enters the mind. This doubt may be “he is too nice” or “this guy is treating me like shit.” If she respects herself, she will walk away, but if she wants to change her ways, she will settle for a nice guy and allow it to grow into a blissful relationship.

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