4 Fun Ways To Raise The Attraction Factor

When you think of a date, does it include the cinema or fine dining? These are more “traditional” and there is nothing wrong with that, but there are fun ways to get to know one another on a date. Fine dining in a restaurant gives you a chance to get to know her intimately. You can converse clearly and flirt with touch and eye contact, but why not take advantage of the adrenaline rush and use these 4 fun ways to raise the attraction factor?

Take A Stroll

Walking or hiking is a great way to get to know your crush. It passes the time and you can spur each other on and talk about your favorite exercises. Perhaps you could flirt with discussions of sexual positions and watch her body language as you approach the subject. If she doesn’t change the subject immediately, there is a high chance that she is imagining where this date could lead to next. She will not only be perspiring between her tits, there could be a fine mist in her panties you know nothing about unless she plans to tease you further.

Sky Dive Together

This will not appeal to everyone, but the sheer thrill of sharing this adventure with a date or partner is enough to leave a fond memory. Flying through the air at electric speed and holding hands and laughing into oblivion is always a great way to get closer, if you can handle the unknown.  Just imagine how you will feel as you land together and feel this surge of adrenaline that might lead to some sizzling action.

Get Flirty At The Gym

If you are both gym junkies, notice how easy it is to become flirty with a partner or date while you are training. The pheromones are in full flow as the body perspires. There will be no opportunity to get kinky, or if you do you may have to escape to the sauna, or sneak her into the men’s room and have your wicked way before she’s had a chance to shower.

Try Rock Climbing

This may be a strange way to learn more about your date, but it’s also a great way to gain her trust, especially if you’re intermediate or advanced with your rock climbing skills. Look on the web or there may be a local rock climbing club you could both attend.

These are 4 fun ways to raise the attraction factor on the first date or the fiftieth date. Spice up your dating life and explore more about one another.


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