Chronic Fatigue: A Few Easy Fixes

Everyone gets tired a little after two o’ clock.  It’s natural.  It happens.  The whole world knows how that goes—the drowsy, tired, I-need-a-nap feeling.  It’s enough to make your fall asleep at your desk. On the other hand, if you’re constantly tired and nearly dozing off you’ve probably got something more along the lines of chronic fatigue.  There are many symptoms and causes, and many different ways to solve your sleepy problems.

To begin, you probably need to figure out whether you have chronic fatigue and what may or may not be causing it.  This is no easy task, but generally if you’re getting the correct amount of sleep (seven to nine hours) and you’re still miserably tired during the day—not only once or twice, but every single day—then you more than likely have chronic fatigue.  If that’s the case, then you need to move on to sorting out the causes for your troubles.

Here’s where things get a little bit thick—there are a ton of causes of chronic fatigue.  I recommend going to see a doctor and sorting out the sticky details.  It could be low iron in your blood, you could have a thyroid deficiency, or you could have narcolepsy (who knows?).  Scout out your doctor and see what he’s got to say.

If your problems aren’t strictly medical then you need to do a little herbal remedying.  A lot of chronic fatigue stems from being out of shape.  Poor diet and no exercise make it hard to be energetic.  Snap yourself into decent shape and you’ll thank yourself later!  Eat some carrots, do some running, and you’ll start to have more energy longer into the day, and even past your afternoon doldrums.

Another, less healthy solution, would be to perk yourself up chemically when it gets late into the day.  Maybe some Red Bull, or another cup of coffee, or a shot of Five Hour Energy.  Shit, do yourself a quick bump of coke in the bathroom when no one’s looking—we won’t tell anyone!  It will make the day a little bit easier and you’ll feel more aggressive.

Whatever your problems with chronic fatigue may be, we’re sure you’ll find a solution.  Personally, getting in better shape and seeing the doctor are my recommendations, but I also enjoy a hot cup of coffee late in the afternoon.  It’s all your call.





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