Why Am I So Tired?: Here Are 8 Reasons

Recently you’ve been struggling to make it through the work week, hell, the week day even. You’re wondering ‘why am I so tired’? Well, let’s assume you don’t have any major diseases and you get enough sleep (being the two obvious choices for being sleepy all the time). There are a TON of reasons people are tired throughout their lives…for years at a time even and they don’t know why. These 8 reasons are common factors contributing to your sleepiness; most of the habits that can easily be broken or changed to get you feeling healthier and full of energy!

Depression- Depression is a common reason for people feeling as though they have no energy. Depression weakens you mentally which causes you to feel physically exhausted. You may experience loss of appetite and the lack of pleasure from your favorite things in life.

Dehydration- If you’re in bad habit of drinking too much tea, soda, or sugar filled drinks throughout the day, you may be sabotaging your energy levels. Not getting enough pure water a day can leave you feeling foggy and sleepy for weeks. You truly do need 8-12 glasses a day. Drinking water right way in the morning is the best energy drink there is.

Too Much Sleep- When you sleep, your brain is actually functioning overtime to help you store memories, repair muscles, etc. If you get too much sleep you can wake with a tired brain and you will feel it physically and mentally throughout the day. You may feel foggy, forgetful, have headaches on and off, and be sleepy until you get to rest again. Try cutting down to a strict 8 hours (and then drink that glass of water when you wake up)!

Too Much Stress- A stressful lifestyle not only affects your mind and emotions, but those things in turn shut your body down and keep you feeling sluggish day in and out. Trying to cut down on bills if needed can help or stop working overtime if you are working too much and not needing it financially. Try some yoga  (it may seem unmanly, but in reality it helps work wonders and no one needs to know)!

Exercise- This is a huge factor in being the culprit of tiredness. Either you’re not doing it enough or you’re doing it at the wrong times. Exercises in the morning or afternoon will  surprisingly give you way more energy throughout the day and help you fight cravings for unhealthy foods. Exercise promotes your body to live healthier and make smarter choices mentally and physically. Don’t exercise before bed. If you are slightly overweight and tired daily, you need to start a whole new routine to get out of your rut. Start jogging lightly in the morning with your water in hand!

Complacent Lifestyle- Much like getting too much sleep, a lazy or routine lifestyle may be what is causing the drowsiness. If you are in an office setting day in and day out, have coffee all day, and go home to dinner and TV, it’s no wonder you’re in a funk! You need to get active during the week and not just the weekends! Instead of going to the coffee shop, take the dog to the dog park in the A.M. or walk around the block a couple times with your headphones on to feel energized and eager for the day!

Poor Nutrition/Too Much Caffeine- Along with drinking more water, this one is huge! You cannot rely on caffeine to perk you up every day. Even though that’s what it’s for, it sends your blood sugar levels on highs and lows which can make you tired. Eating more fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and nuts is a great way to stay healthy, feel and look better, and have more natural energy for your new lifestyle.

Now that you have some answers to ‘why am I so tired’ you can start changing up your routine ASAP and start to end fatigue. These are easy choice changes that will help you overall in the long run. Also check out if you have sleep apnea or iron deficiency. If these tips don’t work, please consult a doctor.

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