How Do I Last Longer: 6 EASY Fixes

The most common problem men have while having sex is lasting long enough to satisfy their partner. Well, how do I last longer you ask? There are some easy tips and some sneaky tricks for helping you go all night for her pleasure and yours. You may need to take a time or two to get them down but a loyal partner should understand. If you’re having one-night stands or have several different partners, you can still master these tips to perform like a king!

Squeeze to Please- Squeezing the tip of your penis just below the head can reduce blood flow and give you a burst of new-found energy to keep pumping away. Do this for 10 seconds or a little more each time you feel you’re about to cum. Don’t make this too obvious. Gently applying pressure will help you fight that ‘feelin’.

Foreplay Before AND During- Foreplay isn’t just for women and it’s not just for starters. Returning to fun and pleasurable foreplay during sex can help you calm down and tell your penis to relax! Going straight for sex will usually lead to failure. She will no doubt enjoy and thank you for your kindness while not even knowing it was for selfish reasons!

Cleansing Ritual- This may seem odd but masturbating before sex will help you feel desensitized for the first part seeing as you just got off. Cleansing your penis from any extra built up sexual tension doesn’t hurt. This will definitely help you last a little longer and keep her much happier. (Tip: Don’t let your girlfriend or wife in on this secret).

Some, Not NUMB- Desensitizing lotion may seem scary but it really does work. There are more than enough brands for you to try out alone before sex so you’re not numb during. If you’re just looking for a little bit of dulling so you can please her longer, try going for condoms with the lotion already in it. These aren’t as strong but will help you out just as well.

Mind Tricks- The age old ‘think about baseball’ during sex actually is a smart tip. We know you want to focus on the intercourse and not baseball or a movie you just saw but checking out now and then to avoid premature ejaculation is a good thing to do. You definitely want to utilize this simple and helpful tip next time you need an extra boost.

Keep Moving- Having sex in one position at a time can lead to you cumming sooner than you or she would like. The regular motion and pressure applied to your penis will no doubt lead you to an orgasm faster. Changing positions more often will help you sneak a quick break in-between and give your shaft the rest it needs to get back in the game. Save your favorite positions for last so you aren’t tempted to let the load go early. Start out with basic positions you don’t like as much and go from there.

Hopefully these tips and trick will help answer your question of how do I last longer. They are easy and free (for the most part). Small changes in your sexual habits will go a long way and help you go a long way too.

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