How To Keep Her Looking Good Even After You Say ‘I Do’

Your girlfriend is gorgeous, you finally pop the question, she says yes, and you start planning the wedding. You think, ‘man she’s perfect’ as she exercises in the living room, determined to be the most beautiful bride in the world. She losses some weight, keeps up on her hair and make-up and walks around in lingerie to see what you’ll like best for the honeymoon. BUT, when the honeymoon is over, so is the glamor. She starts eating cookies after dinner again, has her hair in a messy bun constantly, and lives in her sweats when not at work. The exercise DVDs and mats are collecting dust in the laundry room and you wondered what the hell happened! Whether you’re in this situation now, or trying to avoid it with the wedding slowly approaching, here are some ways to keep her looking good even after you say ‘I do’.

• Keeping yourself in shape, in style, and in tune will help her subconsciously stay on track to keep up with you. If you start gaining a beer belly and wearing sweats with her, she’ll be bound to keep up her bad habits of a sluggish lifestyle. Pop in the old DVD and work out to see if she joins you.

• Set active dates. Planning dates for the two of you on weekends like hiking, skiing, swimming or more can help her get back into her healthy routine. When she stays happy by being active she’ll be more likely to do it with you.

• Take her out. When you’re not being active, taking her out on regular dates either alone or with a group of friends will keep her on her toes. She’ll want to make sure she always does her roots, nails, and has her favorite makeup on hand. Having a lifestyle you can both enjoy will help her want to look better for herself and for you.

• Feed her with compliments. This is more for the preventative side but can also help. When a woman looks how you want her too, TELL HER! Letting her know she’s a knock-out 10 will make her want to get that feedback more often. Don’t keep your hands off her and tell her how beautiful she is whenever you think it. This will plant the seed to keeping her in check and just as beautiful as your wedding day.

Your wife or soon to be bride is no doubt the same lovely person as she always has been but studies show, the happier you are, the more complacent you get. Reminding her to stay active without having to actually REMIND her is a safe way to get her back on track; or stay on track. Keep up a routine and she’ll follow your lead. Also, if she’s a beer drinker try and sneakily find another alcohol choice for her. Beer is deadly to woman’s weight. How to keep her looking good even after you say ‘I Do’ can be a daunting and scary task, but you need to keep the romance alive. This is for her own good after all!


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