Why Do Men & Women Feel Inspired To Cheat?

It intrigues me to know the reasons behind affairs. Is it primitive because the act is dangerous and daring, or does cheating occur through boredom? Why do men and women feel inspired to cheat? Marriage is a life long commitment. When men and women state “to love and cherish till death do us part” do both partners know of the hard work it takes to sustain a healthy marriage? Look at the celebrity world. Marriage is seen as a joke amongst young couples who think it is cool to marry for several hours and then divorce. High profile celebrities must set a good example amongst couples who do want to settle down and procreate, preferably without the stress of an affair taking hold. A couple who still have a very strong relationship and sexually experiment with Tantric Sex are Sting and Trudie Styler. They are soul mates as they are very in tune with one another.

Marriages can become stale without effort, and every couple hits a difficult patch at some period. How you deal with that difficulty is up to you and your partner, but ignoring an issue could create long-term problems and then the temptation to cheat may take hold. I’ve experienced several affairs in my younger years, but it brings nothing but misery. An affair is a selfish act and does not take the faithful partner into account.

I believe men and women have affairs in an effort to fulfill an area of his or her life that is rather empty. Maybe the sex life is drab or a partner may not be the compliment-giving type. Buy a couples sex toy and experiment. Bring the fun back into your sex life. An affair is risqué and creates an incredible surge of adrenaline, since there is an underlying belief that you could get caught, however, you may be able to find new high points with your partner sexually by spicing up things in the bedroom.

As a woman, I will explain the reason why I sought attention from the wrong men. I wanted to be seen as desirable and to experience selfish lust for men who would never take me home to visit the parents. Looking back now, my actions were selfish and they are soul destroying, especially if a partner discovers you having an affair.

One man who used to regularly cheat on his girlfriend with me confessed that if sex is offered on a plate, most men would risk their relationship for the excitement. “What she doesn’t know will not hurt her” he used to say.  Since much of the world is based on looks I asked him if he would cheat on the most beautiful girl in the world, and he replied yes. For men, the urge to cheat may be undeniably strong, but there are faithful men and women out there.

What is love otherwise if only to cheat on a partner for five minutes of orgasmic bliss? This is not true love. If your affair is discovered, think about your partner and the years of trust that are required to maintain a healthy relationship with a new partner. Why do men and women feel required to cheat, and is that thrill required to maintain true love and happiness?

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