10 Useful Tips to Help You Out: Part 1

Take a look around your digs. There are probably many remedies for life’s non-serious but annoying SNAFUs right in front of your eyes. All it takes is finding the right combination to make your day skip along a little easier. This is the first installment of 10 useful tips to help you out.

1. Onion Tears – If you happen to cut onions now and again, chew gum during your dicing and your eyes won’t tear.

2. No Ants – Do you have ants that are walking around like they own the place? Slice some cucumber peels and lie them near where you see them (if you can find their hole even better…hee hee, hole). No more buggies.

3. Ice Gum – If you get gum on your clothes put the item in the freezer for a couple of hours. When they are good and cold the gum will flake right off.

4. Shiny Hair – Okay this may sound gay but if your hair is dull or you use a lot of product, you can strip it clean by using a tablespoon or two of any vinegar or a handful of baking soda watered into a paste and massaged through your hair. When you rinse your mane will make a squeaking sound (that’s the sound of clean) and it will dry very shiny (vinegar works best for shiny).

5. Remove a Broken Bulb – If a bulb has been broken but remains screwed in you can easily remove it without killing yourself. Shut off the electricity or unplug the device, put on gloves and do one of three things: 1) Cut a potato in half and gently jam it into the broken bulb and turn counterclockwise 2) Wad up newspaper and do the same 3) Use a pair of needle nose pliers, place the tip in the center of the broken bulb and open outward. While pushing the back of the pliers against the edges of the broken bulb, turn counterclockwise.

6. Fishy Hands – Preparing a meal or waking up from a one night stand? Sprinkle some apple vinegar on your mitts and they’ll be as good as new.

7. Check Your Eggs – If you want to check the freshness of your eggs drop them in water. If they drop to the bottom and land horizontal they are fresh. If they slant they are about three to four days old. If they float, they be stinky.

8. Hanging Pictures – She’s got you nailing and hammering, hanging pictures, and you’re petrified you’re going to destroy the paint job you just paid for. No worries, place Scotch tape in an ‘X’ with the middle over your mark and hammer the nail through the center. The surrounding paint will not chip and the tape will not pull it off.

9. No Ink – Got some ink on your favorite work shirt? Generously spread toothpaste over the offending mark, let dry overnight and wash.

10. Powder Up – Throw talcum powder in your beach bag. It takes sand off fidgity kids and bikini clad girlfriends like a charm leaving silky, smooth, powdery smelling skin.

It is things like these 10 useful tips to help you out that give you a little more hope in mankind. Use’em, pass’em on, and look for more Advisemen help-outs in the future.


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