Last Longer: 5 Tips For Becoming Superman

As you grow older and your prime withers away the cruelty of time rears its ugly head. Some aches and pains begin to arise, your vision starts to weaken and more hair ends up in the drain than on your head. These are all manageable changes but when your cock calls it quits after 1 minute of power thrusting this can be a problem. Applying various techniques to last longer in bed now will invariably help you surpass your competition. Stick to some of these last longer tips and you’ll be ready to go round after round.

1. Pre-emptive Pull
Practicing on your own can work wonders for your bedroom performance. All you have to do is find some porn-o-choice (i.e.: babysitters, MILFS, erotic massage, midgets, cuckold) and start whacking. Vary between a dry and oily pull as you get yourself to the brink, then, when you are about to pop, STOP. Do this as many times as possible keeping an eye on the clock. When you can hold out for twenty to thirty minutes you are ready to take it for a test drive.

2. Chow First
Make sure you dive in and begin chowing a.s.a.p. Take your time, find the hood, pull out her clit and use your fingers, tongue, elbows, toys, whatever but make sure she gets worked up or even orgasms before you. This way, by the time you start banging, all the performance pressures will disappear and you will be able to man-up and show her what you’ve got.

3. Dead Puppies
Detaching your brain from the tight, warm, wet stimulation your other brain is getting will take you beyond an early pop. Think of anything that will take your mind off the current heaven at hand until you and she are ready to swap fluids. Some last longer mind assistance images include: dead puppies, hangings, your grandmother’s mustache, your bosses’ fat ass, any kind of feces or counting backwards from one hundred.

4. Switch it Up
When you are power humping and your shaft is locked and loaded quickly shift the scene. Pull out and plant a wet kiss on her then stroke her clit with your fingers while suckling her breasts. When your man-pole subsides, throw her on all fours, give yourself a couple of strokes and go back into rabbit mode.

5. The Big Guns
See your doc about juicing up your shaft. Premature ejaculation drugs are not just for old guys anymore. Interestingly, 20 mgs of Prozac a day for a week with 40mgs once a week thereafter have been proven to significantly improve or cure weak bedroom performance as well.

These tips on how to last longer are a few of the many things you can do to keep hard. Other major factors that detract from wood are excessive smoking, drinking and pharmaceutical side effects. Always check with your doctor for more info and maintain a healthy diet of less processed foods and sugars and more fruits and vegetables to enhance penis blood flow.

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