I Am Tired: Fighting Fatigue

It is no wonder 5-hour energy shots and other caffeinated creations are bringing in cash like a whore nicknamed Hoover, everyone is fucking exhausted. People stand in droves every morning just to guzzle this legally addictive upper, their eyes slowly closing as the mere smell of the liquid lights up their frontal cortex, opening their senses from I am tired to lock-n-load. What if you didn’t need so much caffeine? Below are a few things you can do to stave off exhaustion.

Play With Your Nuts
The mineral magnesium is essential in converting sugar to energy. Cashews, almonds and hazelnuts are all high in magnesium giving you a natural, easy energy that won’t crash your system a short time after eating. Your body can assimilate complex fats in these nuts more efficiently without the downfall of unnecessary storage. Keep it to about two handfuls in the morning or afternoon and feel your body’s reaction. Add some raisins and you’ll be ready to bolt through your day. Other sources of magnesium are whole grains and halibut.

Hang Onto Your Meat
Skinless chicken, lean pork and beef all contain B-12 an excellent energy booster as well as the amino acid tyrosine which increase the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine, which relate to alertness and focus.

Yerba What?
Yerba Mate’ (yer-bah mah-tay) is a tea made from the leaves and stems of the rainforest holly tree. These leaves contain botanical caffeine as well as theophylline and theobromine two popular natural stimulants. This combination creates a calm, slow energy rise without crashing or jitters as side effects. In addition, yerba mate’ also contains 24 vitamins and minerals, amino acids and lots of anti-oxidants. Other natural energy boosting supplements to look for are guarana, kola nut, green tea extract and gingko biloba.

The 15 Minute In and Out
Sure, grabbing a nearby vagina and having a 15 minute power thrust will feel good but you’ll probably want to take a nap afterward which is exactly the point. If you can find a place to curl up and rest your head for 15 minutes you probably won’t need that afternoon cup of coffee. Make sure it is only 15 minutes though because when R.E. M. (rapid eye movement) sleep kicks in (just after about 15 minutes) you’ll be worse for the wear upon waking too soon.

Try a Fruit
Because of the low glycemic index of the sugars in an apple many find that chowing down this forbidden fruit first thing in the morning charges them up enough to stave off that teeth staining, breath smelling cup of coffee.

Play Doctor
Okay, it sounds better than it really is. Fatigue can often be a sign of a possible medical condition. If you are really dragging definitely visit your doc. Some medical conditions associated with fatigue are: thyroid problems, diabetes, depression, anemia, heart disease and sleep apnea.

If you constantly hear yourself saying “I am tired” then try some of these remedies to get you back on your hobby horse and in the game.


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