Tattoos Women Hate On Men

Listen, you’ve done some dumb stuff in your years and will no doubt do more of them in the future, but inking your body with a ridiculous tat is one of the dumbest things you can do. Not only will it bother you later on, but it will affect how well you pick up women. Although tattoos can be incredibly sexy on a man, there are some tattoos women hate on men that will never change. We’re not here to judge you if you already made these mistakes, your body is clearly your own and you had the right to do what you wanted. With that being said, think of this more as a ‘preventative article’. Making smart, meaningful, and sexy choices with your ink can attract the right women instead of none at all!

Stupid Tattoo #1: Neck or Face. Getting permanent ink on your face or neck is not a turn on to many women. It screams, ‘I DID TIME’ and phrases of that nature. Unfortunately tats above the shoulders are just too much and make you out to look like a hardened criminal. We want to see your ink, just not every time we gaze into your eyes.

Stupid Tattoo #2: Cartoon Images. Okay, we get that you love Donald Duck and you wanted to show a sensitive and fun side, but show us by your DVD collection, not some colorful ink on your forearm. Instead of coming across fun and ‘inner childlike’, your Tasmanian Devil tattoo will probably just scream IMMATURE instead.

Stupid Tattoo #3: Tribal or Barbed Wire. Now, we don’t mean to piss off millions of men out there with tribal tats, but the fact of the matter is they are no longer in style. If you haven’t got one yet, don’t get one at all. Try being original with your tattoo and think of something that will mean more to you down the road and tell a story to anyone who asks about it. Sometimes, sadly, tribal tattoos can come across as chauvinistic and too ‘macho’ for us women.

Stupid Tattoo #4: Lower Back. This tattoo for men is just all wrong for us. If we see a sexy body at the beach and he turns around to reveal his huge tramp stamp… deal is off. Regrettably for those of you that already have these feminine tats, you may have to do some major damage control. Pick a manly area for your permanent display instead.

Stupid Tattoo #5: A woman’s name. The cardinal mistake of lover’s… getting their name stamped for eternity on your body. Not many of us could get past “Laura For All My Life” on your inner arm or calf. This is a mistake that will keep bringing up jealousy of an old flame for your entire relationship. The only exception to this is a memorial tat of a woman in your life who passed away or a daughter, or mother. Even these are a little risky but making sure it is obvious who it’s for could help you out.

These tattoos women hate on men aren’t meant to stuff you down into the ground if you have them. Explaining to us why you got it in the first place can make a big difference. Women like men who have tattoos that matter to them or become an art form of their bodies. Nonsensical ink splattered about in odd places leaves us feeling uncomfortable and far from turned on. So make sure you’re smart about the ink you choose and remember, everyone makes mistakes, but these can be prevented!

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