How To Survive Being Laid Off: 6 Tips To Follow In The Aftermath

So you’ve been laid off, now what? You’re probably having some anxiety, going into quick depression mode, or just altogether pissed off at the world. The fact of the matter is, you need to know how to survive being laid off, and you need to do it fast. Whether you’re a single man or a family man, you need to take care of business like a man to protect yourself as soon as possible.

Tip #1: The very first thing you do before you even DEAL with your emotional issues is to file for unemployment. Although this isn’t an option for everyone, most of you will be able to successfully file within your state. Unemployment is going to be your new source income from here until you find more work and you CANNOT afford to wait another day to get the process rolling. Filing immediately is a must. Start researching your state’s guidelines now!

Tip #2: You need a new plan. However you were living before isn’t going to work any longer. If you have a wife or significant other, you’ll need to set some time aside to discuss your new finances and budget for living and saving money. Quickly identify things you don’t need or can downgrade on. Here are some ideas:
• Lower your cable and phone plans (or even eliminate them). Call and get out of your Netflix plan, gym membership, and other luxury services you no longer need.
• Call your mortgage lender, credit cards, insurance companies and more to reduce your interest rates or lower monthly payments.
• Buy smart. I.E. buying groceries to make simple and cheap meals, getting things like toilet paper in bulk if it’s cheaper, switching to generic brands, etc.

Tip #3: Sort out your emotions. Whatever you’re feeling right now, you’re entitled to. However, with that being said you don’t have much time to grieve and need to move on as soon as you can get a grip. You need to be strong for your family and for yourself if you want to get another job and get your life back on track. Being laid off is nothing to be ashamed of and happens to some of the best of us out there. Prove you’re worth it by staying positive.

Tip #4: Reexamine yourself on paper. You may not have done this in several years but it is time to revamp your resume, cover letter, and more. Update all the appropriate information and get to work on revising your best attributes. Make sure you research the proper ways to format a resume and how to submit them for work. Connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to help look for a job.

Tip #5: Take what you can get; it doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. Sometimes when you hit rock bottom, you need to go a little further before you can get back up. If you can get hired for a job that may be ‘beneath’ you, swallow your pride and accept. If it means supporting your family and staying out of debt, you’ll need to take whatever work you can get before you find the new ‘job of your dreams’.

Tip #6: Use your connections. Asking for help from family, friends, old co-workers, or even a neighbor is a high priority for you now. Whether you’re asking for help finding a job, wondering if they can revise your resume, or just wanting to borrow a lawn mower because you can’t afford to fix yours, DO IT! Most people in your life will be more than happy to help out.  Don’t be afraid to ask an old boss for a good reference or call up an old friend to see if he has room for you down at the car shop changing oil for eight bucks an hour.

Figuring out how to survive being laid off can be scary and overwhelming at first. But if you follow some basic tips, you’ll make it through. Play it smart, make a game plan and don’t be ashamed to reach out to people and downgrade in your own home. The dark times will eventually pass as you work your way towards finding another great career.


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