How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation – Educational Videos

istock_000005315908xsmallIf you are a man who is trying to figure out how to prevent premature ejaculation, you may be too embarrassed to want to talk about it with anyone. But you might also feel that just reading about answers to your problem isn’t helping you.

If that’s the case, there are many tasteful and seriously produced videos that can help you see how to prevent premature ejaculation in great detail and yet in full privacy.

Some good news about these videos is that a lot of them are free. They can be found at such places on the Internet as Metacafe and YouTube. There will probably eventually be some on Video Jug but at the time of this writing they don’t seem to be there.

What’s so good about these videos? As mentioned above, they allow for privacy for men who are too embarrassed to go to their doctor or talk about it with someone. But men also like these videos because they can view a great deal of them and get different ideas for treatment, and they can do so pretty quickly. Some of these premature ejaculation treatment videos also offer alternative treatment solutions from the usual ones. For instance, one set of online videos discusses the theory that most men who are suffering from P.E. have unconscious negative ideas about sex, and thus on the subconscious level they feel they are supposed to “just get this done and over with” and begin ejaculating way too soon. This video series teaches ETF therapy techniques for curing P.E. (emotional therapy and “meridian” stimulation). This may not be what works for you and the theory may be questionable to many but the point is there are many points of view that you can absorb and consider.

Videos can also be looked at again and again until the information is fully understood.

But perhaps what men like the most about these videos is that they come to realize that they’re not alone. They are not some strange person because they suffer from premature ejaculation problems; they are actually quite common. They are not impotent, they are not suffering from some incurable disease, and they aren’t stupid. For many people, actually seeing and hearing other people talking about a problem makes the information more realistic for them. They can actually FEEL that there other people out there just like them, people who have overcome their problem. Some men don’t find reading to work as well for them in that regard.

So once again, if you are a man who is trying to figure out how to prevent premature ejaculation, your solution may begin with searching for videos about your problem.

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