Use The Horniest Massage In The World To Turn Her On

When you think of massage, do you imagine her lying on your bed semi-naked and rubbing her with luxurious oils? It’s all fair and well if you can massage her with the right pressure, but you could also use the horniest massage in the world to turn her on. What is this massage, you may wonder? Scalp massage. There is something tantalizingly different about rubbing your fingers and nails through a partner’s scalp. I have used it more than once to seduce a man, and it seems to work like magic. Use the horniest massage in the world to turn her on and she’ll be creaming in her panties and ready to dive on you when you arrive home.

Scalp massage does not have to start in the bedroom either. You’ll be able to know if she wants to take things farther from her body language. Does she lean forward as you talk? Are her pupils dilated? Does she lick her lips and tease her hair with her fingers? These are all strong flirtatious signals. So why not make a move and tease her scalp with your fingers and nails? Cause a little trouble down below. It’s good to get spontaneous in public, but keep it subtle.

And if you’re feeling bored at home while watching a movie together, let her slide between your thighs, and slip your fingers into her scalp. Wait for the enchanting moans. They will enrage your dick, but continue with the scalp massage foreplay until she is begging you to slip a finger into her wet panties. Using this technique is a surefire way to cause her insatiable pleasure, but do you have the patience to see it through?

The scalp massage can empty the mind and seduce her mind onto sex almost immediately. Incorporate a gentle neck and shoulder massage to further seduce her mind onto thoughts of you stroking her to a satisfying climax. There are some women who hate their hair played with, so they are the exception, but the majority of women will love this foreplay move.

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