The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Sex

It may be your favorite porn genre or it has always been a fantasy but knowing some of the ins and outs of outdoor sex can have you freeballing like a pro. Pick a secluded natural setting and enjoy a warm breeze tickling your ass and intoxicating your mind as you and your lover enjoy the exhibitionist excitement of carefree copulation.

It is important not to be struggling with a wardrobe malfunction while the heat is flowing. Stay in the groove by preparing beforehand. Tell her that you want to take a hike but to be sure and not wear underwear or even a bra. It’s even best if she wears a little sundress (Oh Mama!). She’ll get the point. You of course go combat (no underwear) with no belt or button fly hindrances. Slip on footwear is best and if you can forego socks, even better. If you need’em slip a few condoms in several pockets halfway torn open for easy access. Bring a soft towel and some hand sanitizer for easy clean up too. If you’re really ambitious prepare an outdoor sex kit to leave in your car. Include bug spray, a blanket, small pillow, flashlight, inflatable mattress, talcum powder (it takes off sand like a charm), extra condoms, lube (silicone is best for water play), vibrator, etc. and maybe a tarp or small tent to create makeshift shelter.

Get the Lay of the Land before the Lay of the Land
Some areas forbid public nudity and will fine you if caught. Check out the Chamber of Commerce website of the town you are thinking of defiling and see what it says under their town or park laws. If public nudity is an issue the above preparation tips will have you ready for insertion without having to remove your clothing.

Scout it Out
The last thing you want is a busload of school children coming upon your debauchery. Pick your spot as far away from paths and people as you can and try not to scream too loud, hunters can be overzealous at times (ask Dick Cheney).

Outdoor Gymnastics
Having sex outdoors requires specific positioning for a more pleasurable experience. Doggy style is the number one choice as you (and her) can keep your eyes open for cell phone video toting teens. This is also excellent if the ground is wet or rocky and always use a nearby tree or boulder for a stabilizing surface. If you’ve been going to the gym and she’s a spinner pick her up facing you, have her wrap her legs around your waist while holding onto your neck and bounce away.

Urban Outdoors
If Mother Nature is not available, head to your building rooftop or a private apartment or hotel balcony. It can be exhilarating to see the world humming below as you’re getting hummed at the same time!

Enjoy the ins and outs of outdoor sex and it will be yet another choice on the spontaneity meter that will keep things hot and messy for some time.

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