Hunting Tips: Basics Not To Overlook

Hunting is something men can enjoy all year around, and not just during deer season. It’s a great excuse to get away from the Mrs. or call into work for a few days. You’re alone or with your buddies, surrounded by nature, and feeling like a man’s man. But to have a successful trip there are some basic hunting tips that you need not overlook. If you’re in a rush and not prepared, the time will be wasted and you won’t enjoy it as much as you potentially could. To avoid simple headaches and prevent missteps, follow these simple tips.

Patience- To have a strong will of sitting for hours and ‘doing nothing’ is one of the most important things you should carry with you while on a hunting trip. Hunting isn’t always dense with excitement and you need to be okay with that. Make sure you’re going for the right reasons and that the thought of sitting silently for hours doesn’t make you squirm. Having a high level of tolerance for sitting hours on end is a must.

Animal Habits- Being properly armed with information about the animal you are hunting is crucial to a fruitful trip. Knowing that deer move around more in woods when it’s cold is important to know. Knowing that when it’s warm, they’ll be grazing in the fields, is also useful. Whatever animal it is you’re hunting, read up on their habits before you head out for the weekend.

Know the Land- Going out to hunt on uncharted territory may seem like a fun adventure at the time but will no doubt lead to more trouble than worth and end in little to no results. For legal reasons it’s also a good idea to know where you’re going. You don’t want to end up shooting an animal on land that you’re unknowingly trespassing. This can be dangerous and become a liability too.  Bring a map, chart it out before, and stick to where and what you know.

State Laws- Like said above, know the land and know your laws. Every state varies when it comes to hunting laws so if you’re traveling out of state for a trip; make sure you ask around for the correct information. Respecting these rules is a must while hunting. You can easily search online beforehand for the procedures of the area to avoid any pitfalls and holdups while on your mini vacation.

Right Gear- Although it may seem obvious, bringing the right equipment and gear for hunting is extremely important. Always make sure you dress appropriately not only for safety standards but also for the weather. If you are not coated with enough warm weather gear you will have to leave early. Also, make sure to make a checklist of all your food, ammunition, gun gear, novelties items and more. This may seem like an annoyance at the time but leaving even one item behind can ruin an entire stay in the woods. Also, try to avoid headphones or books while out hunting. You want to be serious and alert when pursuing your animals and these distractions may prevent boredom but will ultimately inhibit the kill.

These basic hunting tips are sure to make your trip a success whether or not you come home with any prizes. The thrill and pleasure of a hunting excursion is a treasure all on its own but of course killing the game is even better. Always make sure you are safety ready and armed with proper equipment and information.


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