Female Climax: Things You Should Know To Get Her Screaming

In the arguments men and women have about who is the luckier sex, men often use “well girls can have multiple orgasms!” as a debate tactic. But the side note to that is, it’s hard enough for us to have ONE orgasm during a sexual encounter let alone several. The science and struggle of the female climax is a tricky one but it can be done. In fact, a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association recently showed that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. The thing is it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some basic and detrimental tricks to helping increase the chances that the female you are with reaches her full climax.

1. Patience. When trying to help your partner reach an orgasm you may have to be ready to put in the time. Unlike men, women need to be warmed up and then once we’re warm, we need to let the pleasure flow through us while we focus on what is going on before we reach our climax.  A steady pace of in and out for several minutes or more could be what she needs to concentrate and cum. Don’t switch positions often when you are trying to get her to orgasm. She needs a fixed pace to deliver.

2. Get Wet. A woman needs to be moist and lubricated during sex or the dryness can not only be uncomfortable but also painful. Preferably this wetness would be a natural one, distributed by the both of you but store bought lubes and gels help as well. Not only will she not be in pain from any dry chaffing but the wet sensation will feel better to each of you and enhance the experience as well.

3. Clitoral Stimulation. Many guys and even girls alike, pass this major key component when trying to get off during sex. Putting light pressure on the clitoris enhances all feelings and sensations and easily helps your partner reach her goal of the ultimate orgasm. There are many ways to stimulate the clit such as a fun store bought toy, her fingers, or yours. Make sure there is a gentle rubbing of the clit when your goal is the climax of your woman.

4. Intimacy. Again, unlike males, females are not just physical beings. It takes more than the act of sex or oral to get us off. We need to be comfortable, turned on, talked up, and tuned in. Making us feel sexy and desirable during sex will help this along. Be sure to zone in on what she likes best. If dirty talking really gets her blood flowing, during your steady pumps in and out keep talking to her until she has cum.

The female climax is a tricky one, but not impossible. What’s even better news is that once a woman feels comfortable with a man and finds the right groove and method to her ‘orgasming’ success, the results will be continuous! If you do it for her once, you can do it again, and trust me, she will repay you with the highest of gratitude.

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