How To Succeed In Long Distance Relationships

Many people frown upon long distance relationships with the belief they are not as real as a normal relationship. However, just because your partner is living in another country does not make the relationship any less worthwhile than a live-in partner. Knowing how to succeed in long distance relationships puts you in charge of your destiny. Never let another person judge your relationship choices. Long distance relationships have as much chance of succeeding as a marriage.

A marriage or long-term relationship requires time and effort, just like a long distance relationship requires the same. Building strong communication adds strength to your relationship. There is also distance, which gives you the chance to live your own life, while your partner gets on with hers. A jealous or possessive person may not succeed in a long distance relationship due to his or her insecurities, but two partners who have things in common respect privacy and make a relationship work through joint effort.

How To Make A Long Distance Relationships Work

  • Don’t be Shy: Getting naked and kinky makes the relationship feel alive. Having the confidence to masturbate in front of a partner puts you in charge of your sexuality. And when you get together for real, there will be no strangeness because she’s already seen you in action.
  • Talk About The Future: Are you planning a casual relationship, or do you plan to relocate at some point in the future?  These may not be questions you want to discuss in the interim, but they are important all the same. Dr Greg Guldner conducted a study on long distance relationships and discovered that 70 percent of couples who dealt with changes and did not set rules failed and broke up within six months.
  • Daily Communication: Experiencing the excitement that gives you butterflies is a great way of building attraction toward your partner, so look forward to chatting with your partner every single day. Skype is a wonderful and free tool.
  • Be Yourself: A great thing about a long distance relationship is having the distance and ability to be yourself. No longer do you need to pretend to satisfy a partner.
  • Write Poetry and Send Gifts: It’s easy to find your romantic edge in a long distance relationship. Collect a few items that you know your partner will love and send the package as a surprise. Alternatively, write her poetry and fall in love all over again.
  • Set Online Dates: As you are not sharing your bodies together, it’s time to get spontaneous, so why not set a fantasy date in a busy restaurant or ice cream parlor. There is no need to keep the sex in the bedroom especially when there are so many fun places to stimulate your senses.
  • Surprise: Make a naughty video and send it to your partner’s email to give her a sexy surprise when she checks her mail.

Knowing how to succeed in long distance relationships puts you and your partner in charge. Yes, these relationships may require great communication, honesty, trust, and spontaneity, but all relationships require effort for long-term success.


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