How The Bachelor Life Can Bring Rewards

Society doesn’t make it easy for bachelors. Look at the extensive number of dating websites. If you buy into this relationship bullshit you are agreeing that it is sad to be single and happiness only comes from finding a partner for a long-term relationship. Relationships are forced upon us everywhere we look. You may wonder how the bachelor life can bring rewards. Firstly, remaining single gives you time to avoid the usual mistakes, which can stem from choosing the wrong women to develop a relationship with.

Not buying into society’s view of happiness puts you in charge of your own happiness. The single life gives you a chance to know yourself. Do you feel alone and sad when you have no partner in your life, or do you enjoy socializing and meeting new friends?  The single life can build your confidence. It can make you view immature relationships as a huge burden.

Many people make the mistake of jumping into another relationship after ending another. There is no chance for the heart to heal if you are on the rebound and start dating a new woman. Is it really fair for her to experience heartbreak because you knew deep down that you should have taken time out from dating and relationships?

Dating Websites

None of them are cheap, and most of them are attractive to women as they do not charge them a cent for browsing. For men, it’s another story and they are penalized for being the alpha male. Dating websites cater toward religions, uniform dating, mature dating, or casual relationships. There are some dating websites, which remain free.

The problem with these websites is how they are taking advantage of loneliness, which is often how we feel after a relationship ends. However, the healthiest option after a relationship breakdown is to take time out and enjoy the single life. Get to know your self again. Try to avoid making the same mistakes next time. Do you choose the wrong women who dog you around, who play games with your mind? Gain confidence in yourself and when you feel ready for a relationship, you will attract women who treat you with respect.

Never settle for second best. If you respect yourself others will too. You are unique and loving and you deserve a great relationship with your next partner, but remaining a bachelor for one month or ten years is not desperate, and don’t let society make you feel bad about your personal choice. Knowing exactly how the bachelor life can bring rewards puts you in charge of your happiness and gives you more chance of relationship success in the future.


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