Don’t Feel Ashamed of Experimental Fantasies

Whether you are single or happily coupled with your perfect partner, can you talk about your most extreme fantasies together?  This may include domination, anal sex, or other hidden sexual desires. If you have fantasies that create a chill down the spine, don’t feel ashamed of experimental fantasies. Thoughts come and go. They do not necessarily mean that you want to play it out for real.

Homosexual fantasies are just one of these experimental fantasies that most men would grow frustrated from. My partner and I share fantasies. He admits to us sucking a cock together. But it’s the intimacy of us sharing in the act that turns us both on. He admits that committing this act in reality would feel strange, but the fantasy is hot because it’s not real.

Whether you are a woman or man experiencing a homosexual fantasy, it doesn’t make you a bisexual or homosexual by thinking about the act. Repressing our sexual desires can create problems. It can create shame, which is what we need less of to experience a healthy, satisfying sex life.

There are so many taboos about experimental fantasies, which is why the sex in Hollywood movies is always so monotonous. Porn movies cater toward many fantasies and fetishes, but I rarely saw one focusing on homosexual fantasies like MMF during my time reviewing porn sites. Secretary is a hot movie about master and slave and will arouse those into domination and sadomasochism.

Most of us worry about what people will think of us in sharing our experimental fantasies. Sex between you and your partner is private; it needn’t be shared with friends. And if the subject did ever arise, and you confessed your inner most desires and were judged by a friend or family member, why must they judge someone they love? Judgment can stem from sexual inadequacies that most people would not care to admit to.

It’s cool to experience gentle fantasies including whipped cream on the genitals, but often the mind can wander into the land of the extreme. Pleasure and pain may be one of these, but don’t feel ashamed of experimental fantasies. Go with the moment. Share it with a partner if you know she is understanding and does not feel threatened about your kinky mind. Turning a fantasy into reality is another matter altogether, but a fantasy is just that… fantasy.



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