Spring Fashion Preview

Finally, spring has shown its shining face.  Winter has finally waned and the green of the grass will start to pop out beneath melting snow.  Finally.

The best part of spring is that you can shed a few layers of winter clothing and show off some of your new spring fashion.  It’s a good time to buy some new threads.  If you’re in the dark about what’s coming up this spring, there are a few crucial trends that you need to keep in mind with this spring fashion preview.

This year is all about the bold patterns.  Well-dressed men will be wearing some brash clothing and you don’t want to be left behind.  Last year was all about the tweeds, but this year is all about the plaid, checked, and striped patterns for blazers and suits.  You can get yourself a brand-label suit, or thrift something and get it tailored to your size.  Don’t be afraid to get ballsy with it!  Change is good!

On the runway and at the award shows, good-looking guys like George Clooney were sporting the shawl lapel suits and tuxedos.  I highly recommend you snag one of these bad boys up.  It makes you literally look like a million bucks.  If you don’t have the cash or the stomach to grab a tux, get a shawl lapel cardigan and throw it over a white button down.  Trust us, this is what sophisticated men are sporting this season.

And in the coming months, last but not least, you’ve got to up your footwear game.  How does a man step up his shoes?  Double monks.  They’re leather dress shoes with a double strap across the front of them, hence the name, and they’re worth investing a little cash in.  You can really take have of them once you get them, with polish, saddle soap, and eventually having them resoled.  A decent pair of monks can last you a lifetime.  They look dressy with a suit and they look classy with a dark pair of jeans.  Black and brown leather are the staples but you can branch out with burgundy or otherwise.  You’ll be the coolest guy on the block if you get them by spring.

So as the weather turns from cool to damp to sunny, make it a spring resolution to look awesome this coming season.  Keep an eye out for these menswear trends and you’ll look sharper than ever, we promise.


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