Cheating Spouse: Recognize and Repair

“Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.” – Henny Youngman

Marriage can be a hard road. The work involved will often make you want to run for the hills and bang the first female that thinks what your wife used to think; that you are fantastic. Well, you may not believe it but often times she feels the same way. If you do not see the signs or do something about her unhappiness she may become a cheating spouse.

The Signs
Unless she’s a closet nymphomaniac there will be signs that your spouse will give you before she runs into the arms and cock of another man.

Lack of Affection – You used to be the couple that couldn’t take your hands off one another and now you hardly touch. Whether it is kids, work, money or just plain life that gets in the way when she won’t touch you it is a red flag.

• Complaining – Wives are notorious for nagging however there is often a valid reason…they are unhappy. If your spouse is constantly complaining chances are she is depressed about your relationship.

• Sex – If there is lack of affection there is probably lack of sex. If you are not balling at least once a week you will most likely grow further apart.

• Going Out – Once all the above factors have been stewing for sometime it is inevitable that she will start “going out with friends”. Once this happens on a regular basis there could very well be another buck bucking her like she can’t get at home.

Catching Her
Women are way better than men at being sneaky. If you think she is cheating you can do a few things to confirm her infidelity. Note: Be sure and document everything you find, you may need it if divorce looms.

1. Check Her Cell – Scour her texts, past calls, emails etc.

2. Check Her Email – If you can somehow get her password then her emails are a perfect indication.

3. Software – There are excellent apps that hide on a cell phone or computer which will record her every keystroke and call.

4. Follow Her – Get all James Bond and follow her ass. You can also note the mileage on her odometer and then figure out if her travel matches her story.

5. Smell Her – When she comes home give her a big hug and take a whiff. If she smells like cigarettes (if she’s a non-smoker) or cologne, she’s banging.

These are a few ways to recognize a cheating spouse. However, it is never too late to repair it. Give her more genuine attention (not with your dick, but try holding her hand while shopping, without complaining). You can also go to couples therapy and save your marriage. Either way, it is better than dealing with the alternative.


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