Arthritis: Don’t Turn Into the TinMan

She’s wet and she’s ready. However, if you can hardly walk to the bedroom you may be struggling with early signs of arthritis. There are over 100 different types of arthritis that attack your joints by breaking down surrounding cartilage. Some causes include age, ‘wear and tear’, medications or disease. Symptoms can be nagging pain, constant inflammation and/or limited range of motion. Here are some things you can do now to prevent arthritis later or from getting worse. Hopefully, these will help you continue physical activity including girl-on-top spinning moves, jackrabbit doggie style and standing-holding-her-upside-down cunnilingus.

Foods that Help Prevent Arthritis
Because arthritis revolves around inflammation and weak bones choosing foods that reduce rather than enhance these responses is best.
• Omega-3’s – fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and soy protein.
• Vitamin D – Most people are deficient in this bone strengthening supplement. It is found in mushrooms, many fishes, eggs and of course sunshine.
• Olive Oil – Contains the ingredient oleocanthal which blocks enzymes that cause inflammation.
• Vitamin C – Citrus fruits and peppers are high in C which protects cartilage essential collagen.
• Selenium – This supplement clears free radicals that damage cells that cause arthritis. Find it in Brazil nuts, tuna, turkey and oatmeal.
• Tart Cherries – A study out of The University of Michigan found that tart cherries contain anthocyanins which are flavonoids that reduce inflammation.

Foods That Make Arthritis Worse
Here is a list of some of the crap you insist on shoving into your piehole while at the same time wondering why your joints hurt. These processed foods contain refined oils, carbohydrates and sugar which raise glucose levels. This immediately increases joint inflammation and releases free-radicals which attack joint cells. Some processed foods to avoid:
• White rice
• White pasta
• White flour (white bread)
• High fructose / corn syrup
• Cakes, cookies, donuts
• Concentrated fruit juices
• Soda and certain sports drinks

Night Shades
Night shades are plants that contain toxic alkaloids. These alkaloids have been known to attack joints and enhance inflammation. Although throughout our early life combating these alkaloids was easier for our bodies to do but as we age it becomes more difficult and the problems arrives in the form of joint pain and arthritis. The four major nightshade culprits are: tomatoes, eggplant Chile peppers and white potatoes (French fries, damn). Nicotine is a non-food nightshade.

Arthritis Treatments
There is no cure for arthritis however there are many medical and alternative treatments that can help. Some medicines include anti-inflammatory steroidal or non-steroidal formulas as well as topical analgesics like ICE or Ben-Gay. Alternative treatments consist of herbs such as turmeric, bromelain (pineapple), ginger and boswellian to massage and acupuncture. In fact, a study performed at the University of Maryland, showed that patients who received acupuncture had significant pain relief and improvement in function of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Hopefully you will not have to struggle with arthritis but if you do, follow some of the above advice and kick its ass.


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