Habits Bosses Hate: 5 Personalities That Can Land You On The Sh*t List!

Being in the workplace day in and day out can be awful for most of us who hate what we do but what can make it even more unbearable is having your boss on your bad side. Here’s a compilation of some annoying personalities that bosses hate; if you avoid them you should stay off their sh*t list.

“Time Consuming Tim”– Making a mockery of company time as an employee can be absolutely detrimental to your job. There are several ways you can make this mistake such as: e-mailing too much, overly texting or making personal phone calls, being a couple minutes late each day, taking too long on an assignment, excessive smoke breaks, and other things like this. Make sure you work when you’re at work. The small times you slack off doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Needy Ned”– No boss wants to be in constant communication with their employees; they have their own stuff to do. To eliminate this annoyance there are a few things you can do.  If you can find out the answer to something yourself  by asking a co-worker, then do so. You don’t want to bother your boss with questions you can easily answer without their assistance. Also, don’t wait for them to make the first move, take initiative and get simple tasks done without being asked to do so. They’ll appreciate the spunk in your agenda and the fact that they don’t have to give you an itemized daily outline of what to get done.

“Complaining Carl”– You’re no more special or important than anyone else, especially in your boss’s eyes; especially if you’re complaining. Little snarky remarks referring to how long the day is, or I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, or even, that was the most boring meeting ever, are something you NEED  to leave out of your conversation pieces while the boss is around. He/she doesn’t care that you can’t wait to get out of work to go to the ballgame or catch the new action movie starting at 7. They probably dislike work just as much as you and your needless complaining only adds to their discomfort of being there all day.

“Suck Up Stan”– There are things that bosses hate and can get you fired and then there are things that simply annoy the shit out of them. Just like in your social life, no one likes a suck up. Cool it on the empty compliments; flattery only works when it’s genuine. Also, bosses don’t want to hear promises consistently. Constantly telling your boss that you’ll get the papers in ‘right away’ or you’ll ‘kill it on the presentation’, tells them that you think doing so is something extra you should be praised for. Don’t oversell yourself for doing things that are expected of you anyway! Also along the suck up line, don’t get too buddy-buddy with your boss. Talking about personal lives, telling them how great they are, or texting them outside of work is most likely not a good idea unless you’re in a unique situation.

“Excuses Ethan”– Bosses aren’t the only people that loathe someone full of excuses. This trait is irritating to friends, family, co-workers, and more. Fight the urge to make excuses for your failures. If you need to, keep them minimum and honest. Don’t divulge too much detail about your excuse or you run the risk of it feeling annoying and disingenuous. Excuses add up fast and once you run a rep of having an unlimited amount of them, it’s hard to ditch that persona.

These habits bosses hate are easy to avoid if you’re aware of them early on. Being a hard worker who takes the initiative but isn’t too overbearing is a good way to stay out of trouble. Make sure your personality doesn’t rub the big man the wrong way and get you a bad reputation for the rest of your time working there.


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