Five Tips for Dating a Married Woman

Listen.  We’re not here to judge you; we’re here to give you advice.  We totally understand where you’re coming from here—you’re interested in a woman who’s legally tied to another man.  Worse things have happened.  The danger and excitement of an affair are a potent high that men everywhere hunt out.  Still, you might be  getting into some really dangerous territory.  Here are a few tips and tricks for dating a married woman that should help you avoid the murky waters that come with such a tricky situation.

1) Be Freaking Careful—Married women are dangerous and sexy, but a vengeful, crazy husband is just plain dangerous.  Get a feel for what kind of dude you could potentially be dealing with.  Keep an eye out!  Of course her husband not knowing is part of the fun, but you’ve gotta watch your back or risk getting shot by a nutcase.

2) Enjoy the Secrecy—The allure of dating a married woman is the sneaking around aspect of the relationship, so play it up and make it fun.  Use nom de guerre’s (or would that be nom d’amore’s?).  Meet in seedy motels and upscale hotels.  Buy her some sexy lingerie.  Don’t let it turn into a marriage-type relationship because that will wear out extremely fast.

3) Don’t Talk About Her Husband—Even if you’re the “other” man, you probably don’t want to talk to her about her other man.  Keep off the subject unless you want things to get messy quickly.  Simple and sexual will probably be your best bets if you want to have a successful little fling.

4) Tread Emotions Lightly—If you’re having an affair, you know how to proceed—a little bit cold emotionally and very serious physically.  If you’re in love with this married woman, you might need to sort some shit out.  Why is she with you?  Will she leave her husband?  Will she step out on you someday?  When you get emotionally involved with this married woman there could be some unexpected twists.  Keep your man-heart guarded.

5) Soak It Up—You’re dating a married woman!  Hopefully she’s sexy.  You might as well enjoy the shit out of it because odds are it won’t last long.  Sex, like all good things, is fleeting.  Soak it the hell up.

Married women are the dream of men and these tips for dating a married woman will help you navigate the terrifying and exciting aspects of your relationship.  Enjoy it dude!


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