Women and Job Interviews: They Usually Kick Men’s Asses

We need women, we need job interviews, and to some degree we require both of them in different combinations.  Sometimes we are interviewed by women for jobs.  Sometimes we are competing against women for jobs.  Whether you’re trying to convince a woman to hire you, or are competing against a woman for a job at company, there are a few facts you should probably keep in mind.

1) They Prepare More: Women: Statistically women do better than men at their job interviews because women prepare more.  They walk into an interview mentally prepared to answer any questions that come their way.  If you’re competing against a woman for a job, you better do your homework or run the risk of being beaten out for a job.

2) They Handle Stress: Women statistically handle their interview stress better during interviews.  This is probably because women prepare better than men.  There is a certain mental preparation that goes into this as well.  They get into the zone before they go into an interview.  It’s crucial.

3) They Expect More: If you are going into to an interview headed by a female, they will ask more of you than their male counterpart.  This is a good thing.  They’ll bring out the best in you, but it also means you better have your game face on.  You’ll probably be better off if your interview is run by a lady.  Cross your fingers.

4) Women Dress Better: Again, because they prepare for their interview more than men,  they put more thought into what they wear to their interview.  So to all you guys out there, you should probably step up your interview fashion as well.  Make sure you iron up your clothes and make sure they fit.

5) Don’t Say Anything Stupid: Listen, whether you’re competing against a lady or if one is interviewing you, don’t be a pig.  It’s embarrassing and surprising how many off color comments men make during interviews.  Jesus, the last thing you want to do is say something sexist.  Just think about it.

Women and job interviews go hand in hand to some degree.  Keep prepared and you’ll be in good shape!


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