How To End Fatigue: Your 5 Step Guide

Everybody’s tired all the time.  It’s just a fact of life.  Men understand what I mean—worn, beat, battered by the day, we all need to take a few steps to end the endless ache.  When the afternoon starts to stretch on forever, you have to combat the sleepiness with some serious tactics.  This is how to end fatigue.

1) Get Some Sleep: Here’s the most self-evident statement of all time, but you might possibly be tired because you haven’t been sleeping enough.  Hell, get a few extra hours of shuteye!  There isn’t anything decent on television at night anyway, so just turn in early.  You’ll thank yourself later.

2) Spike Some Caffeine: Not to advocate addiction or anything, but coffee is a habit worth picking up.  It tastes delicious and it will wake you up quickly and easily.  Caffeine isn’t so bad anyway, you’ll enjoy it.  When the day starts to drag, you can substitute your java for some Red Bull or a 5 Hour Energy shot (though both taste particularly disgusting).

3) Go Running:   This is strange logic here because you’d think that physical exercise would make you more tired.  Thankfully, the case is just the opposite.  The more running and swimming you practice, the more energy you’ll have throughout the day.  It’s good for you!  From a very personal note: don’t drink a pot of coffee and then go running.  I’ve pulled this one a few times and yakked up some serious black bile.  Thought you’d like to know.

4) Bring On The Vitamins: B’s and C’s and throw in some D’s—get stoked on vitamins.  Glucosamine and fish oil and all that stuff is worth whatever crazy prices the pharmacies are charging for them.  Frankly your diet might not be giving you all the essentials that you need.

5) Eat Good Food: Whatever you’re eating, right now,  put it down.  It’s probably a slice of pizza or something shitty.  You want more energy?  Eat some decent food and leave the soda alone because too much fat and sugar will slow you down like a sloth.  Coffee has loads of antioxidants and no calories.  Eat some carrots and some cucumbers, they’ll be good for your late afternoon energy bits.

You’re tired, but here are the answers.  It’s practically biting you in the nose.  Sleep, exercise, eat well and get yourself addicted to coffee!  It’s all going to be worth it if you’re burning the candle at both ends.  And that’s how to end fatigue!


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