Free Dating Tips for Long Distance Relationships

istock_000004990467xsmallMore than 10 million couples throughout the world are nurturing long distance relationships and making them work beautifully! The circumstances surrounding the reason for the distance is a vast as the amount of couples coping with it. Maybe it’s due to career incentives, perhaps family obligations have taken precedence, maybe your loved one is in the military and is oversees defending our country. Whatever the reason for your situation may be, being in a long distance relationship can not only be tough but expensive as well, but with the right knowledge you can arm yourself with free tips for long distance relationships to use in order to save yourself from breaking the bank!

In the event that you must be away from your loved one for extended periods of time, communication is key for maintaining the tie that binds! You’ll find that in lieu of physical intimacy, talking has taken it’s place in between the times you can actually touch your loved one again. Because of this, you may want to research a telephone plan that will allow for discounted long distance calling whether it be within the continental U.S. or outside of the border. Most phone companies nowadays offer long distance calling plans that consist of paying a flat monthly rate in exchange for unlimited talk time regardless of the time of day the calls are placed. The amount of money you save by implementing this type of plan could be put towards a plan ticket or other emans of travel you could use to plan a visit with your loved one!

Most internet service providers have a type of instant messaging service that comes free with their service. Whether you use AOL, MSN, Yahoo or another service, you and your loved one can sign up for a free screename and use the service at anytime to communicate for free! The beauty of instant messaging is that it’s used in real time, meaning that as soon as you type a message it is delivered within milliseconds to the computer of your loved one, and vice versa. If for some reason you can’t make a phone call at that moment, like say for instance you are at work, sneaking an online conversation can be fun, exciting and sexy, and best of all….FREE!

Cell phone plans offer so much more than just talk time usage these days and can be a fabulous tool in keeping your long distance relationship alive and sizzling! The features that most phones provide go way beyond the traditional means of making a phone call, and most plans allow for these added benefits to be used at no extra cost to you! Text messaging can be a great way to remind your loved one that they are in your thoughts, a simple phrase of  “I love you” at any point of the day can do wonders for the recipients emotions, and not break your wallet! Phones with the capacity to take pictures to send are even better, nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than taking a picture of something you know she’ll “get” and sending it to her phone!

Living in these times and sustaining a romance is expensive as it is, adding distance to the mix can be add even more financial strain. By using these tips on free ways to maintain a long distance relationship, not only will you save some big money, but you’ll be fueling the fire to your relationship and that, my friend, is priceless!


  1. I was dating a man that is a global executive for a phone company.( I won\’t mention the name of the company) It was the biggest waste of my time and I wish I had back those 5 months. I wish I wouldn\’t have gone down that road. He has a lot of issues and he is the absolute worst boyfriend I have ever had. He didn\’t send cards, he didn\’t buy me flowers, well 1 time. He didn\’t contribute to the relationship at all. He would have sex with me and then want to leave at 3:00 am to go back to the Hotel he checked in at downtown and call Korea for business. He didn\’t know what to do during sex, he wouldn\’t kiss me unless it lead to sex. The very worst was he said he was financially responsible for family and friends and he didn\’t know if he would be a good boyfriend because he was already married to his company. The relationship was my fault actually because he was holding up BIG RED FLAGS but I was to blind to see them! I will never date aman who claims to work outside of the country again! PS. Morgan thanks for the three post cards from Helsinki that was asking a lot of you! Cheap ASS!

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