Keep Her Happy: Things To Constantly Tell Your Woman

Ever notice your wife or girlfriend is mad at you for no reason? Does she get down and sigh loudly before bed about something unbeknownst to you? Well, let me tell you that it’s probably something you’re not doing, and not something you are. You need to know what things to constantly tell your woman if you want to keep her happy. Words and affirmations from those we love the most are very important to us. We need to be reminded a lot about the things we are most insecure about. It may seem tedious and pointless but small reminders from you can go a long way for us. Try keeping her filled in on these things and see her in a better mood daily.

1. I Love You- If you’re at this point in the relationship, you need to say it more often than you probably already do. I’ve heard the excuse ‘If I say it a lot it will lose all meaning’. BULL! That to us means, ‘I can’t remember to say it so I think that’s a pretty good excuse to get me out of it’. You need to always say I love you before bed and again throughout the day sometime. Say it like you mean it once, make it count. The other times can be playful or in passing. Make sure she hears what you’re saying and believes it too.

2. Compliment Her Looks- We can’t help but be insecure when there is so much pressure on us as women to be perfect nowadays. Boosting our egos and filling us with compliments is a sure fire way to keep us smiling. Our butts can never look too big in jeans, white does not make us look fat, and that girl in the grocery store wearing an annoying size two must have an eating disorder because she doesn’t even come CLOSE to comparing to us. The more you boost us up, the harder we’ll try to keep it that way. Telling her how beautiful or sexy she is will make sure she’s happy and wanting to stay that way for you! This is also a great foreplay tip.

3. Stroke Her Skills- If your girl is a good cook, tell her all the time. Say what it is you love about her cooking; how much you appreciate it. If she is 2nd grade teacher and great with kids, tell her about that too. She wants to be beauty AND brains for you and she wants you to notice. Pumping her full of positive affirmation that she is good at what she does will get you major brownie points and earn you some compliments back too. Keep this up in the bedroom. Make sure you tell her what you like about what she does for you so she’s likely to keep it up!

These things to constantly tell your woman should come easy if you mean them. The more you do them, the happier she’ll be which will lead to her wanting to make you happy in return. Women can get sad and unsure if they never hear these things from the man they love. Make sure you keep her confidence up; that’s your job now!


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