The 3 Best Reasons To Get Into March Madness

If you’re not into March Madness, you’re missing out on some of the best sports talk and events of your life. The NCAA Basketball Tournament starts out with 68 college basketball teams who all compete in a single-elimination bracket to get to the national championship. These games are held mostly in the month of March (every spring) thus the term “March Madness” was born. If you need more of a reason than that kind of competition to get into the tourney, here are the best three reasons to get into March Madness this year.

#1. Your Buddies Know All About It: March Madness to most men is not unlike the World Series, or the Super Bowl. It is an excuse to go completely bonkers about sports, gamble, drink beer, and go out. Your buddies no doubt have March Madness down to a complete science. They know every team competing, they have their favorites, and they have the teams they put money on. They can spit out the stats like the alphabet and they expect you can too. It’s time to start doing some research before they catch on that you’ve never actually watched a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ or ‘Final Four’ game in your life. Time to start bonding with your boys with something different than boobs and beer this spring.

#2. Girls Dig It: It’s refreshing for us to know that guys like watching something other than porn, football, or UFC. Basketball is something that surprisingly a lot of women love, especially when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. March Madness shows us that you can get into something non-violent and look at all aspects of a sport besides the physical. Knowing some important stats, players, and records is a great conversation starter to the cutie in the jersey having a beer alone during the games.

#3. Just Another Party Excuse: Since March Madness lasts several weeks, there is always a reason to go grab a beer with your friends and have the wife understand. There are many important parts during MM that you will need to watch with a close eye. These are all great reasons to get out of the house and into the bar. If you don’t truly know anything about the games, it will seem a bit senseless once you arrive. Like I said before, most people who are into college ball generally know a whole lot. You don’t want to go into it blind. Before you use the party excuse like a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card to your boss or wife, be sure you sound like you know what you’re talking about. The internet is flooded with information this time of year about the tournament so dig deep for an hour and get some good information.

These are the three best reasons to get into March Madness aside from the fact that it is genuinely great sports that you will really enjoy. These college ball players go hard and play fast throughout the whole tournament leaving very little room for dull moments. Gamble on some games and get into something completely new this year that will probably end up turning into a life-long obsession.


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