How To Master Poker: Things To Always Put Into Practice

Poker can be something you do for fun in your garage every Thursday night with your buddies, it can be an online obsession, or it may be a way you make half of your income. Whatever the case, if you’re wondering ‘how to master poker’, there are some solid things you should always put into practice whatever level it is that you’re playing at.

2nd Nature: If you want to truly master poker, you won’t get it done by playing here and there. To become really great at the game, you must make sure you are playing on a consistent basis. If you don’t have time to hit up the casino or a friend’s live game, join an online poker community and get your practice in there. Sit down with your wife or girlfriend and play for an hour before dinner for some quality time and a way to up your game.

Tells: For only so long will you be able to rely on the cards in your hand and what you know of the deck already. Eventually you’ll have to start noticing slight tells in a player’s personality as they play out each hand. For some good pointers, try catching WSOP on TV late at night. Watching the game instead of playing it firsthand sometimes can help out a lot more than you’d think. Watch the pro as they pick up on major tells and go on to win the game. Keep in mind that this is not an exact science and sometimes your scenes will fail you. Learn when it’s a good gamble and when to fold. Notice the players who fake their tells from the players who don’t even know they have a tell at all. This is a great tip to keep in mind.

Zipped Lips: Never reveal the contents of your hand if you don’t need to. Stronger players will use this to determine and predict what you do in future games. Even if you’re playing with buddies in the kitchen and they want to know for ‘curiosity’s sake’, don’t give in. Take the game seriously if you want to master it in the long run. Get used to being closed lips at small games; it will help you in larger ones to come. Revealing your cards will tell other players a lot more than what would’ve happened in that one hand, it can tell them the whole strategy of how you play the game. That is a secret no one but you should know. Keep your cards to yourself even if you fold before the flop.

These tips will help you better understand how to master poker in the long run. Of course there are many components to this game and it can sometimes take a life-time to actually ‘master’. Follow these helpful ‘know-how’s’ to get on the right track and get in a consistent groove. The more stable you are in your own game, the stronger you will be in the end.


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