The Hottest Erogenous Zones She Loves

The body is covered in multiple erogenous zones, the mind being the obvious one. Without the mind, how is the body able to grow aroused? However, the hottest erogenous zones she loves are not always the breasts, nipples, and clitoris. If you want to take charge and turn her into a human sex toy, try focusing on these hot spots.

Nape of The Neck

This may not always be the obvious first choice to tease, but focusing on this area is the perfect way to turn her juicy in the morning. Blowing on her neck is incredibly erotic and sensual.


While this area is close to the nape of the neck, barely sucking this area is likely to cause a tingle between her thighs.


When the body is stressed, it is clear the mind is in chaos. A scalp massage is the obvious choice to clear her mind. Some women do not like their hair to be touched, but others find it strangely arousing.


Licking her fingers slowly and covering them in warm saliva will make her moan. The key is to maintain eye contact to make her feel wanted and special.


The lips are wonderful as they can turn on any part of her anatomy through licks, kisses, and nibbles. But what is especially arousing is a deep French kiss. Work together; make love with her tongue, and a good kiss will last hours.

Backs of The Thighs

This area of her anatomy is especially sensitive during a massage, especially since her slit is only a short distance away. If her juices trickle down her thigh, you will be able to feel it and tease her further.


Teasing your fingers, tongue, or ice cube down her spine is the perfect way to arouse her in the morning or evening. Use light strokes to make her whole body tingle. Other tools include a silk scarf, feather, or your nails.

Lower Back

The coccyx or tailbone is an incredibly sensitive area in both men and women. Cover it in kisses, tease it with a variety of materials, or lick it and create her sexual tension.

Creating ecstasy in her through foreplay gains you the highest chance of stimulating her spontaneity. Having the knowledge of the hottest erogenous zones she loves puts you in charge of her pleasure.


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