Foreplay Fun: How To Turn Her Wild

Foreplay may sound old fashioned, but women appreciate the attention. Give to receive pleasure. Rubbing your hard cock over her wet panties is foreplay, kissing is foreplay, and rubbing naked bodies together is foreplay ecstasy. Foreplay is never ending. Even holding hands is foreplay to some women, especially those who crave a relationship and see the first date as something more. Knowing how to turn her wild is simple, but only if you pay attention and feed her body with love and awareness.

Men are visual and only need to glance at a cleavage to feel an insane urge in the trousers, but women need time to adapt. A couple who share insane chemistry may not always have to use foreplay before intercourse, but many couples still like to dominate a partner with foreplay.

Even on a first date when you feel ready to kiss her, aren’t you confident you will have to do more to melt her pussy? Most men are nervous lovers and are seeking positive feedback from a woman. Even if you hate foreplay, think about her pleasure, and not your own. There are easy ways to turn her wild, here are four tips:

Dirty Talk

Women are very open to suggestion. While she may be conservative around her family and friends, she may want to display a kinky side to turn you on.  Having enough confidence to display exactly where you want to kiss, tease, lick, and fondle her, and with which parts of your anatomy, will arouse her sexual mind. She will be able to think of nothing else but you pouncing on her. The mind is the hottest erogenous zone in the body. If you must touch her, avoid the areas you know she is clearly begging you to touch.

Start Early

Foreplay can begin anywhere; it can go beyond the bedroom and doesn’t need to be obvious when done in public. Instead of holding hands during a walk, lick each others fingers. Don’t make it obvious, especially if you are dining in a restaurant. Ask her to penetrate her pussy and feed you her juices. This will surely get both your creative juices flowing.

Forget Oral

Not every woman enjoys oral sex, as it requires a great level of trust. However, fondling her pussy and clit with your fingers is likely to indulge her pleasure. Spread her vaginal lips apart and rub them until her juices start to flow. Watch her body language. If she widens her legs she may want you to penetrate her slowly. Ask her how she enjoys touching herself. If you know exactly how to touch her, and with the appropriate pressure, she will soon be screaming your name.

Couples Porn

She may hate you watching porn, but stick on a horny DVD and watch it together and it can be incredibly arousing for women. Porn covers an array of topics, but the scenes most likely to arouse her are couples having sex. If you notice a kinky scene you both enjoy, whisper how hot it would feel to try the same. If she is interested she will be eager to get down and dirty! Tease her imagination in subtle ways to turn her wild.

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