How To Heal After Betrayal

When a partner has cheated on us, it can be difficult to ever trust again. But time is the healer! We may use excuses to change our personality. We may use women to fill that emptiness inside after the void that has been filled with betrayal. It may be difficult to know how to heal after betrayal, but here are several tips.

Believe Again

Not everyone is the same. There are good men out there for women who have been betrayed by a partner, and there are supportive, kind women for men who have suffered betrayal. A good partner will listen, be compassionate and understanding, and encourage your healing.

Change Your “Usual Type”

If you only feel attracted to specific women classed as your usual type, it can be a good option to choose a woman who is nothing like your usual type. While she may look different, her personality might shine and cause enough of a flutter in your heart to believe in love again.

Avoid One Night Stands

These may feel like they are helping you heal from betrayal, but they push you away from the underlying problem—your mistrust in love. One-night stands make you feel good because they numb the pain, but it can lead you farther and farther away from yourself. Betrayal may lead you onto the wrong path, but if you choose wisely, it may also lead you onto the path of self-healing.

Try The Single Life

Society puts so much pressure on us to find a partner, but being single is not desperate, it’s smart! Building a relationship with the self is a huge step, as we are never taught to rely on the self for answers. If we are single for a long time, we may wonder if we are ever going to meet someone special. However, being single teaches us that it is okay to be alone. It is okay to be different. It is okay to wait.


We all make mistakes. One night of betrayal can turn into a lifetime of torment for a partner to deal with after she breaks our heart. While we may not want to forgive face-to-face, time is the healer in any past, present, or future relationship. Without forgiveness, how can the heart heal? Forgiveness is healing, wise, and a great way to learn how to heal after betrayal.


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