Stop Hair Loss: Top Reasons For Rapid Thinning, Baldness, and DHT

istock_000006091499xsmallIf you want to stop hair loss, you need to know the origin of it.  There are many reasons for hair loss ranging from hormonal imbalance to disease or medication.  The most prevalent reason for hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male balding pattern.

Infections and illness cause stress on the body that creates temporary hair loss. Some of the medications for the illnesses also create the falling hairs you find in the sink.  Blood thinners, chemotherapy and gout medicine are among those that might take care of your condition but also reduce your follicle count.  You even have to be careful when you take vitamins.  If you’ve heard that vitamin A is a great treatment for hair loss, you’re right. The problem arises when you take too much. It then acts in the reverse and actually causes more hair loss. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and the body stores it so it can build up in the system.  Fungal infections in the scalp area may produce bald spots at their location.

Hormonal imbalances also cause hair loss. When you want to stop hair loss caused by these imbalances you have to investigate the problem and attack the cause.  When hair comes out in handfuls, it may come from a problem with your thyroid.  If you have too much thyroid hormone, you have hyperthyroidism.  Trembling hands, nervousness, the inability to sleep and a wide –eyed stare are part of the other symptoms in addition to hair loss. People with hyperthyroidism have a problem gaining weight.  Hair loss also occurs if you have too little thyroid hormone.

These people are often cold all the time. They find that no matter how little they eat, somehow the pound lob on with little hope of weight loss. The skin is dry and scaly and they lose clumps of hair too. You need to see a physician if you suspect that your hair loss is from a thyroid problem. Other hormonal imbalances may arise if the levels of androgen and estrogen become unbalanced.

The most prevalent cause of hair loss is male balding pattern. About 95 percent of all hair loss is from this cause.  Male balding pattern, known as androgenetic alopecia in the medical world, can occur in women also. Today, the belief that the culprits are two androgens: DHT and testosterone.  This pattern starts in two areas. The first is a spot on the crown of the head.  The second is the receding sides. Eventually the two spots join.

While it is impossible to stop hair loss from male balding pattern completely, it can be slowed dramatically.  New treatments block the block the effects of the hormones that shrink the hair and cause it to die.  Dramatic strides are made every year to medications that stop hair loss from androgenetic alopecia.

When you feel you have a problem and you want to stop hair loss, you should check with your physician to make certain it isn’t a symptom of a much more serious nature.  If your physical health is okay, the hair loss most probably is male balding pattern. There are drugs, shampoos and treatments that slow it down and help grow lost hair.


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