Signs She’ll Make A Good Wife Or A Bad Wife

You’re scouting someone out, or maybe you’re in a pretty serious relationship and thinking about upping it to the next level.  You have to wonder whether she’ll make a good spouse—like forever.  There are sometimes, unfortunately, certain signs she’ll make a bad wife.  You’ve gotta watch out for these or risk marrying someone who turns out to be a damn nut job.  Heed these words!

1) She’s Batshit Crazy—Well for starters, she probably won’t make a great wife if she’s a little off the hinges.  Any terrifying habits or propensities to throw tantrums will be a miserable thing to deal with in the long run.  Keep an eye out!

2) You Constantly Argue—If you don’t get along to begin with, you really won’t do so well during a lifetime together.  She won’t make a great partner if you aren’t doing too well just day to day.  Seriously consider this before you go on making any engagements.

3) She Doesn’t Like You—For such a simple concept, everyone seems to skip this one over.  Don’t marry someone you hate.  She’ll make a miserable wife if she doesn’t even like you off the bat.  Most murders committed by women are against their husbands.  Keep that shit in mind when you’re pondering everything over!

4) She Has Addictions—Gambling probably would be the worst of them, but any serious addictions spell bad news for marriages.  Junk, speed, meth, gambling, booze, ludes, barbs, screamers, ether—if she’s hooked, dump her.  Keep away from her, as far as you possibly can. You don’t want to be married to anybody like that.

5) She Has Annoying Habits—You’d think this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it really can be a deal breaker.  She might not be a terrible wife just because she grinds her teeth in her sleep (though this can be a symptom of a coke addiction) but some habits can really get under your skin.  Keep any weird habits of hers in mind, because they’ll become amplified over time.

There are some road signs that she’ll make a bad wife.  Keep an eye out before you pop any serious questions!  Marriage is forever, though divorce is pretty permanent too.  If you’re a decent person who isn’t too superficial, you’ll be able to look past any minor problems on your way to marriage.  If you’re seriously considering it, we wish you the best.


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