Why She Fakes It: The Big Question

Men have been asking the same questions for years and years, but at the top of the list is the question of why she fakes it.  Unfortunately, such a simple question doesn’t necessarily have a simple answer.  Though it probably varies from situation to situation, there are a few causes that show up time and time again.  For your sake, I hope you don’t have to ask this question, but in case you were—here it goes:

1) You’re Bad at Sex: C’mon, not to be the bearer of bad news, but you might not be so hot in the sack.  It isn’t necessarily a natural talent and requires some serious practice—that’s the good news in all of it.  Crack open a book and pick up some tips. This will make you a better lover in bed.  She’ll thank you for it later, I promise!

2) She’s Polite: Maybe your partner doesn’t want to make you feel bad!  It’s actually a nice gesture on her part if you put into perspective.  Maybe she gets a kick out of  it—maybe it makes the whole thing a better experience.  You could consider the fact that her faking it isn’t such a bad deal!

3) It’s Not You: On the total opposite end of the spectrum, there is the chance that it has nothing to do with you.  This is another thing to consider.  If you start to get down on blaming yourself, there’s the chance that it doesn’t even really have anything to do with what you’re doing.  This brings us to our next bit…

4) She Doesn’t Know What She Wants: This dovetails the last part.  The man’s sexual experience is very simple—a simple motion, a simple result.  The female sexual experience is infinitely more complicated.  She might not, for lack of a better term, know how to get off.  That’s a problem worth fixing, so without further ado…

5) Work On It!: Two heads are better than one!  If she’s faking it, it means she isn’t getting off which means you should sort it out—together.  Put a little practice in together and work it out!  As if you needed another reason to have more sex.

The question is: why she fakes it.  Whatever the answer may be, I highly recommend you chat about it, and then work out the kinks (no pun intended, sort of).  Do yourself a favor and you won’t regret it.


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