Best Sex Gifts For Your Partner: Great Ideas For Starting Out

You and your partner have been dating for a while now, or perhaps you’re even married and you need a little extra spice in your relationship. You know she might not be into watching porn together (some women are, some aren’t) and you are sick of the regular massages and candlelight to enhance the mood. What else can you do? PLENTY!!! There is a whole empire based on sex toys, games, and novelty items for your sexual pleasure. Opening up to your wife or girlfriend about exploring these options is a good way to start, or you can start with some minor gifts to surprise her.

Gift Option 1- Sex Coupons: These cute little cards can be bought in any novelty or specialty store or you can even make them on your own at home. With ‘love coupons’ like, “Immediate 15 Minute Oral” or “Redeem This On Any Friday For An Hour Dedicated To Your Pleasure” you’re bound to make her smile. This is an adorable gesture that works both ways for you and her. It shows you want to spend more time together and are willing to have some fun while doing it. If you make them at home use some colored construction paper, markers, and staples after you cut them to size. Make a small coupon book that’s easy and fun!

Gift Option 2- Love Board Games: There is a multitude of dice, board, and card games out there made especially for your sex life. Games like ‘Climaxxx’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’ offer couples a spicy way to spend the night. Explore dares you may have never done before and tease each other all the way to the end of the game. Use with a couple glasses of wine and see how fun games can be again! These games range from romantic, to mildly sexual, to extremely sexual and exploratory.

Gift Option 3- Clit Stimulators: This toy is a small, non-threatening item to first introduce your girl to some sexy pleasure in the bedroom. If you’re not sure if she’ll be into toys at all, why not give her something every woman would love (even if they don’t know it yet)! Women have a WAY better chance at an orgasm if clitoral stimulation is involved. Start out with something small that she or you can put on a finger. They make these especially for that purpose. They are quiet and discreet but pack a nice vibration that will help her get off. Never buy a stimulator that plugs in, feels too big or loud, or isn’t soft. Make sure you ask the sales attendant at the store to check them out before buying one.

These are some of the best sex gifts for your partner, and are extra good if you are first-timers and just starting to explore. They open many doors to other fun buys and get you talking about what else you are willing to do in the bedroom with each other. Be sure to always do your research and look closely at whatever you buy for her. Don’t just get in the store and rush to get out. Plan a time to go together as well and have fun on your new adventures! Soon you’ll be moving onto more sex toys, riskier games, bondage items, and more!


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