Women and Sexting

There’s this misconception about women and sexting that we’re not really into it. That’s pretty far from the truth; the problem is that guys usually do it wrong and the switch gets flipped to off. They’re not just words on a screen, it’s another form of foreplay. What you say or do can mean the difference between us rolling our eyes and tossing the phone aside and us telling you to come over while we put on our hottest lingerie. When it comes to turning us on while sexting, there are five things to do that can make us want you even more.

Don’t sext out of nowhere

If we don’t know you well or we haven’t been intimate yet, don’t try sexting us out of nowhere. It’s creepy and we’ll think you’re a complete weirdo. The best way to handle it is to have a convo with us about it before so you know if we’re comfortable with it.

Keep your package to yourself

Guys respond much more to visuals than women do. We want details and dirty texts, not to get a picture of your package. Unless she tells you she wants to see it or you definitely know she does, keep it to yourself.

Send a good picture

If you are going to send a picture, make it something worth seeing. We don’t want to see the same picture you’ve sent to us a dozen times before nor do we want to see it limp and hanging to the side. Make it interesting and we’ll be more interested.

Tell us what you want

We want you to talk dirty, it’s as simple as that. Pretend we’re in front of you and tell us where you want to touch us and kiss us. Depending on the woman, be flirty and subtle or hot and direct, but either way let us know just how much you want us.

Keep it private

One sure way of making sure we never engage in sexting with you again is to break our trust. If you tell others what we talked about or you show friends pictures we’ve sent you, we’re going to feel betrayed. It may even be bad enough that we end the relationship. Don’t ruin things by airing our private life to others.

When it comes to women and sexting, it’s not hard to figure out. We want you and we want to hear that you want us too. Adhere to the aforementioned tips and you’ll not only turn us on but there’s a very good chance you’ll get us into bed as well. Do it the right way and you could set yourself up for a very interesting evening.


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