Thyroid Hair Loss: Why Sudden Balding Can be Symptoms of Thyroid

istock_000005638772xsmallYou can’t understand what is happening. You’ve never had this problem before, in fact, you’ve gotten compliments on your beautiful, thick head of hair all of your life, but lately, you notice it’s been falling out excessively, and it seems to be coming out all in one spot!  Come to think of it, your hairdresser whom you’ve been visiting for years mentioned during your last visit that your hair isn’t as shiny as it usually it, that it’s looking kind of dull lately but you shrugged it off as maybe being the new shampoo you bought.  But shampoos don’t make hair fall out! What’s going on?  Sounds like you may be suffering from thyroid hair loss and there might be a problem with your thyroid.  Studies show that sudden balding can be symptoms of a thyroid problem.  The good news is, there’s way to catch it in the beginning stages!

Of course the first thing you want to do is rule out any other types of causes by making an appointment with your dermatologist.  If you find that all’s well in that area, you may want to talk to your family doctor about receiving a routine test to check on the condition of your thyroid.  Common types of problems associated with the thyroid are known as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.  Some patients have claimed that worst symptom of their thyroid condition is the loss of hair! Not that that’s a great thing, but it shows it doesn’t mean the condition is life threatening and it can be easily treated!  If you ARE being treated for a thyroid condition, it’s a good possibility it could be the medication you’ve been prescribed that’s behind your loss of hair.

It is possible to be under treated for your thyroid condition and if that is the case, can lead to the continual loss of hair.  By “tweaking” your medication so to speak, your doctor could prescribe a higher dose.  In doing, so, whether you are just starting to get treated or your medication is being monitored, you may find that the progression of hair loss has slowed down or stopped completely!  Alternatively, you could add the use of vitamins to your daily diet.  Adding vitamins is a safe an effective way to control the speed of hair loss caused by conditions of the thyroid. Vitamins b3, B6, B12, A, C and E are all fabulous contributors to maintaining a healthy head of hair.  Often times, used in conjunction with thyroid medications that have corrected the problem, vitamins can add to the shine and luster of your hair!

While sudden balding can be symptoms of a thyroid disorder, it doesn’t mean that is the cause for sure.  By making an appointment with your doctor to be tested for a under-active or overactive thyroid, you’re taking the first step in ruling out a potential culprit.  Often times once the medication used to correct the type of thyroid condition you have has been implemented, you may find the hair loss starts to slow or may stop altogether.  Take the time for yourself to find out for sure by adhering to a routine blood test, your hair will be glad you did!

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