Relationships: How To Get The Instant Advantage

During our dating life, it’s easy to ignore the women who do not float our boat, but when a woman is playing hard to get, why does it make our heart grow fonder? We often want what we can’t have. When we are struggling financially and crave a designer t-shirt and cannot afford it, the desire still lingers in the mind. This works in exactly the same way with relationships. Why is it easy to like the women who treat us like shit, yet we ignore the women who cook our meals and treat us like a prince? How can we get the instant advantage in a relationship?

Some of us go round in circles. Subconsciously, we may crave the chase of dating a non-available woman. However, when the right partner comes along, the game playing can stop instantly. Not everyone is out to get the instant advantage in a relationship, but most of us crave adventure, whether we care to admit it or not.

I was exactly the same in my early twenties. I dated nice guys who treated me well, but there were no “bad boy” traits, which most women love. Whether it was not returning my text straight away or bombarding him with explicit talk, the relationship downfall was my fault, and not his!

Also, you have no right to blame her when the relationship fails, as you are the one craving adventure and fireworks. Picking the wrong woman to date can become almost addictive, but it doesn’t always feel good, especially when the ego is bruised!

If you want to be seen as a bad boy, and crave the instant advantage in any relationship, follow these tips:

  1. Be attentive with her when you want something.
  2. When she returns your call or text, wait 2 to 3 hours before returning your message. Guaranteed, she has probably checked her phone at least twenty times, although she may act cool after a gentle rant.
  3. Call to cancel a date. This may infuriate her, but remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  4. After cancelling a date, apologize days later by buying her flowers, chocolates, or take her out for a meal. You’ll soon be back in her good books.
  5. Always make it seem like you are busy. Remember, we want what we can’t have, and she wants you.

This may work with the majority of women, but other women take no shit, so if she hints at any game playing tactics, she will ditch you and look for a dude who respects her! A woman who refuses to date game players knows exactly how to get the instant advantage in a relationship.


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