Body Language: Communication In The Bedroom

Communication is an important part of our life. Research conducted by Albert Mehrabian discovered that only 7 percent of what we communicate is through words, while 38 percent is through voice tone, and a massive 55 percent is communicated through our body. Our posture, facial expression, and emotions show through our body language.

It is a wonderful feat to maintain a long-lasting relationship or marriage, as both require effort to ensure its survival. Communication in the bedroom is paramount to how we feel about our partner and ourselves. How we treat a partner is displayed in our actions.

Whenever you feel stressed and do not want to share a problem with her, do you suffer in silence or confess and halve the problem? She is there to love and support you. Therefore, trust is paramount.

A confession may only be words, but how you respond to a partner’s affection displays whether you trust her completely. Eye contact is intimate between partners, especially when you have to get something off your chest! It may be insecurity about your body, a health concern, or perhaps a sexual fantasy.

When it comes to confessing a sexual fantasy to a partner, you may be anxious as to how she will react. If you have been together a while, it should be easy to share these secrets. A healthy sex life takes advantage of great communication in the bedroom. This is where the 55 percent displayed through the body comes in. You do not need to constantly tell her she is beautiful when you can display this through foreplay and bedroom actions. Try giving her a spine massage with your tongue and wait patiently for her reaction. Unless she is a robotic creature who does not respond to touch, I guarantee this move will drive her wild. The tongue may ache slightly, but the discomfort is surely worth her pleasure, wouldn’t you agree? When you drive her wild, she may respond well to a sexual fantasy, since the endorphins are flying through her body and killing her doubts.

Say goodbye to stress and take advantage of how you communicate in the bedroom. Share the problem and heal the fearful thoughts with mountains of heavy foreplay that will melt you both into orgasmic heaven. Working on communication in the bedroom regularly with a partner displays trust and will strengthen your relationship. Soon, you may be able to talk about anything without the niggling doubts telling you otherwise.


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