Organin Hair Loss Treatment In The News

istock_000005595911xsmallIf you are suffering from the lack of self esteem losing your hair can cause you, then you have undoubtedly been searching for a way to combat the issue to not only regrow what you’ve lost, but to also prevent it you from losing any more! There are several options available on the market today, from costly surgeries to expensive prescriptions. While these methods of hair restoration may look appealing to you, perhaps not so very true for your wallet. Maybe the thought of adding more chemicals to your body, whether topical or not, doesn’t sound like your style. The good news is, there is a wonderful new product on the market today and it’s yielding great reviews! Perhaps it’s time you see for yourself why Organin has created such a buzz as a leading hair loss treatment in the news!

Organin is an all natural product that has been formulated to use as an aide in concealing hair that is thinning due to significant hair loss. Comprised of natural fibers such as rayon, cotton, keratin, ammonium chloride and silica, Organin is a powder that is used as a topical solution to help conceal noticeable hair loss. Used in conjunction with a hairspray of your choice, Organin comes in 8 different colors so as to get as close of a match as possible to your natural and surrounding hair color. (It is possible that you may need to blend certain colors in order to achieve a match as close as possible to your hair color.) The best results are acquired when using Organin after washing, drying and styling your hair. The powder is then applied to specific spot(s) you’re trying to conceal by sprinkling it on and then patting the area with your hand as it helps to blend the Organin in with the natural color of your hair. Lastly, apply the hairspray over the area of the scalp you have concealed with the powder.

Organin works by binding itself to the existing fibers of your own hair and is designed, when applied properly, to last throughout all of your daily activities! Although Organin is NOT to be used alone as a hair loss treatment, it is an extremely affordable method to be used in conjunction with other treatments such as hair transplants and the use of Minoxidil. A 90 day supply of Organin runs approximately $19.95 and has received fabulous reviews from men all over, from all walks of life as a powerful aide in helping to conceal hair loss while undergoing other treatments. In recent product reviews, men have stated that they have gained much more confidence in themselves from using the product while undergoing other methods of treatment as Organin helped to conceal their bald or thinning spots rather well! Others have stated the simplicity of use of the product was a big relief as is the fact that Organin is all natural and so therefor, doesn’t really pose any side effects. In fact, it seems the only REAL problem associated with Organin is the difficulty in matching your hair color but with a little time and experimentation, you’re sure to come up with the closest natural match!

While Organin may not be a method for which to be used as a hair restorer, used side by side with a method of treatment which IS can bring relief and confidence while you are undergoing the treatment. Using this natural product to conceal your loss or thinning hair, it can make the frustration and even embarrassment a thing of the past as you continue down the road to thicker hair! With all the positive attributes Organin has been proven to hold, it’s no wonder Organin is the hot new hair loss treatment in the news!


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