Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: What Will They Do To Me?

Years ago if a man could not keep his wood his sex life was practically over. Fortunately today there are many erectile dysfunction remedies to choose from. Simply turn on your television and inevitably you will run into a commercial of a fifty-something couple looking all loving and ready to bang. The thing is, erectile dysfunction (ED) does not just affect fifty somethings. A 2009 study reported by The Times India stated that 40% of men suffer from ED, most between the ages of 20-40 years old, with one-third having crossed into age 50. ED remedies are being prescribed to younger men but even those that do not suffer from ED are experimenting with it.

What Causes ED and How Do I Know If I Have It?
Many theories are associated with the cause of ED including: overuse of tobacco, drugs and alcohol to performance anxiety, work stress and more serious conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorder, injury or vascular and neurological disorders. If you are unable to maintain an erection long enough for your partner to be pleasured or have difficulty producing an erection more times than not, you are most likely suffering from one form or another of ED.

How Will My Body React to an ED Remedy?
More and more men have pushed aside their embarrassment to seek out a medical doctor or holistic practitioner for an ED remedy. There are prescribed medicines as well as natural choices which include herbs and even acupuncture that can be just as effective. Nevertheless, most men do not know what to expect if getting treatment for ED. The following is a common reaction when ingesting a medical or natural remedy.

• Take the chosen remedy (usually a pill) with one or two glasses of water.

• Unless stated otherwise, taking the remedy on an empty stomach will ensure a faster response.

• Heat flushing may occur making you feel hot all over but mostly in your face, neck and head.

• A short term, mild to intense headache could result.

• A sensation of being ‘high’ can also manifest making you feel ‘floating’ or ‘spacey’.

• Sometimes the stomach can distend with a mild irritation.

• Soon, your penis will begin to swell.

At this point you are ready to have sex however due to the fact that these remedies work so well your penis may stay hard longer than usual (over four hours is cause for concern and should be reported to your doctor). Therefore taking the remedy one to five hours before sexy-time will enable you to control your erection and ejaculation so as not to be pounding your woman into soreness (unless she wants that). Your erection will subside but be readily available as some ED remedies can be effective for up to forty-eight to seventy-two hours.

Erectile dysfunction remedies are an excellent tool to maintain a healthy sex life. Using them responsibly could very well have you back on the top of your game (and her) before you know it.

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