How to Make Her Cum

Women are like cats, they will not come to you if called. You have to wait until they crawl into your lap. Sex is a psychological game for most and it is important to know how to make her cum through her brain as well as her vagina. Once you master this they will purr all over you.

Turn ‘Em On
Most women will tell you that they have to be turned on before they take anything off. Some enjoy being treated to a night out while others get wet on a shopping spree. However, the most important thing that will turn on your woman is to L-I-S-T-E-N. If you can lend an ear without ever talking about yourself they will chew on that until their pussy is begging to be filled. Without a sympathetic ear you will just be another ‘good friend’ that treats her to ice cream.

Erogenous Zones
Once your ears are practically bleeding from listening to the barrage of female nonsense, you just may have a chance to explore her erogenous zones. These are areas on her body, beyond the obvious, that can have her body shaking.

• The Mons – Medical director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health, Michael Krychman, describes the mons area: “The mons, or area above the genitals where the pubic hair grows, can also be interesting when incorporated into the sexual repertoire. Caressing the hair area or gentle touch to this area can also be exciting and pleasurable.”

• Popliteal Crease – A fancy way of describing the area behind the knees where you can caress and kiss this spot making her knees weaken.

• Scalp – Ever get your hair washed by a hot babe. Instant boner. Do the same for her. A scalp massage releases feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

• Feet – Gently massaging and kissing her clean feet may have her pulling you up by the ears.

• Belly – Rub a dog’s belly and it shakes its leg. Gently rubbing hers will have her moist in no time.

Get to the Cumming
Once you have worked the erogenous zones she should be putty in your hands. Her body will be primed with erect nipples and a wet, pulsating vagina. However, most orgasms are thwarted when the partner stops stimulation too soon. Certified sex therapist, Ian Kerner, PhD recommends that the woman get on top. This way she can control the right amount of clitoral stimulation needed to get her off. Hold on though, you will have to last until she pops. Another position he recommends is entering her from behind while she rubs her clit. Again, she is in control of her stimulus. Also, incorporating toys as well as good cunnilingus will also get her cumming.

Overall, it takes communication when learning how to make her cum. Be patient and open to criticism and in no time she will be screaming and drooling into the pillow making you feel like the king you should be.

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