How to Get Head

There is nothing like a deep, slobbering blowjob from a woman that enjoys and knows what she is doing. Unfortunately, this combination is not easy to find however, it can be taught. Knowing how to get head will enable you to enjoy stupendous oral satisfaction. It is fun, can be done virtually anywhere and is very healthy too. If she swallows, protein is a by-product of your man juice that will keep her jaw muscles strong and supple.

Make it Tasty

If you do not trim your bush and keep your sweaty man scent to a minimum, chances are she will end up with a nose full of pubes and a face full of nasty, musky, crotch odor. Make sure you keep a neat house; stay scrubbed and trimmed or getting head will be a thing of the past.

Ask Her

Cut through the bullshit and ask her how she feels about giving head. If her eyes light up and she licks her lips then you have got yourself a diamond in the rough. However, if her face goes all squeamish and she gives you the, “I guess, if I have to” then you may want to send her packing.

If She Is Willing

Many women have no idea how to give a blowjob. This is where your knowledge of your cock comes into play. Tell her how you like it, being very specific about the dos and don’ts. For instance, do you like your balls tugged or licked intermittently? Do you enjoy the head to be worked with an occasional shaft plunge? Do you like getting it grabbed and stroked while being sucked at the same time? Maybe you need some deep throat action which may entail straddling her face and pumping. Most of all, watch out for any sign of her teeth, once they start scrapping along your pole the party is over.

To Swallow or Not to Swallow

Many guys enjoy when a woman swallows their cum. Others like to offer a facial. Either way let her know your preference and how important it is for her to try.


If it comes down to it you can bribe your woman for head. Jewels, shoes and bags work best. Once you dangle a Louis Vuitton bag in front of her she will be down on you like white on rice.

Blackmail: Give her Good Head

If you can get her writhing with your tongue she will most likely feel obligated to return the favor. If she doesn’t then keep your face out of her crotch until she starts sucking.

Remaining steadfast to your mission of how to get head will enable you to enjoy years of sexual satisfaction. Do beware, however, that many women will perform their head giving skills just to get a ring on their finger. Once that charm is attainted many men need the ‘jaws-of-life’ to pry open her jaw again. This is when bribery or blackmail can come in handy. Good luck!


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