How To Keep Her Happy: 4 Simple Secrets To Keep Pleasing Your Girl

How to make her happy in the beginning is easy. You can schmooze us and make us fall for you but are you really that guy? Keeping your woman happy long term is a feat that may seem scary. To be honest, women seem complicated but mostly we are simple, we are just bad at asking and telling you what it is we want. If women were more straightforward, it wouldn’t be a problem. Follow some secret tips on how to keep her happy for you men who have some trouble figuring it out.

Don’t Kill Chivalry: You opened the door for her on the first date, pulled out her chair, and walked her to the door (or so we hope you did). So why can’t you continue to do so? Was she only deserving of those honors that one night or did you just get lazy? All ladies love a gentlemen and it is SO easy for you to keep up this standard.

Ask & Listen: We love to talk. We love to tell in detail about our day at work or night out with friends. If you are in a relationship that you want to go somewhere long-term, you need to learn to ask her first before she tells you. Ask her how her day at work was then listen to her story. When it’s done, don’t just say ‘oh cool’ and move on. Engage in her life and become the best friend she wants you to be. If that’s too much to ask of you, it’s not the right girl.

Don’t Always Tell The Truth: This may seem like horrible advice coming from a female but really, it’s true. We NEVER really want to know if we look fat in our jeans or if the waitress is prettier or skinnier than us. EVER. This is the time you lie even though she says you can tell her anything. You don’t even admit you find the waitress, cashier, or lifeguard remotely attractive. This is a time for you to earn major points by putting the limelight back on her. Instead of playing into the jealousy she is feeling, build her up and tell her why she is more attractive. ‘Are you kidding babe, no one can compete with your eyes. They’ve been distracting me all night’. These are things that you should be able to tell her without feeling awkward…she wants and needs to hear it.

Communicate: This has so many layers but all of them should be easy if this is the right girl for you and you want to keep her happy. If you thought about her a lot during the day, make sure she knows. If you talked about her at lunch to a co-worker, tell her that too. We love when we know we are on your minds (and why) and we’ll never know if you don’t tell us! It’s so easy to do and it really strokes our egos. Also on the opposite end, if you are having a bad day, tell us before we have to ask and annoy you and it turns into a fight. You are allowed time to be in a bad mood and us to back off but don’t wait until it’s too late. Be clear and respectful and she’ll be sure to understand. Let her in if you can, she wants to help. If not, let her down easy and explain why you need some time alone.

There are many small things that we are looking for from the men in our lives. How to keep her happy isn’t some allusive goal you can’t obtain. We need and crave love, especially from our partners. Try and understand that it is simple things that get you far. The sooner you get lazy and let these things slip into the background, the harder it is to pick them up again later in the game. It may feel awkward or forced and be too late. Hopefully if this is the right girl, these things won’t seem like chores and will come easily.







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