Appearance Turnoffs: The Top 10 Things That Women Hate About A Man’s Appearance

Woman in general can be very picky but with that, they also have a strong sense of what they want; even more importantly, what they don’t want. Just as all men have appearance turnoffs for their standard in women, we have ours too. There are many turnoffs in men’s appearances that instantly send a guy packing before he even delivers his pick up line. Sure we can all claim that looks don’t matter but how you present yourself is a whole other story.

#1. Too much of a Good Thing: Guys who wear nice jeans and an Ed Hardy or Affliction shirt? Fine. Guys who wear an Ed Hardy shirt, hat, and chain? NOT FINE!  Also too much of one color; let’s not match our shirts, cap, AND SHOES!

#2 ‘Bling’ or Over-Accessorizing: Don’t come across as that house on the street around Christmas time with too many lights, inflatable Santas, and flashing stars. One nice large ‘blingy’ watch is great, but if you pair it with a diamond necklace, a ring, and some earrings- you’ll blind her, and not in a good way.

#3 Too Beefy: Most women are all for a man with a great body but there is a thing as too much muscle. More women would prefer a thin, unfit version of a man to a steroid version. We don’t want Arnold in a mini-tank top, we want YOU. We may feel threatened by this. It can also make us unsure and insecure about our own bodies since clearly yours is so ‘perfect’.

#4 Overweight: Combating number 3 a little but there needs to be a healthy medium. If you are generally a bigger guy, that’s fine. You don’t need to hit the gym every day of the week or lose 50 pounds, just show us that you are healthy and happy and working towards a goal and we’ll get on board.

#5 Bad Hair: Guys who have greasy or flaky hair, or use too much product (or none at all) tend to send bad messages like, ‘I try too hard’ or ‘I don’t try at all’. Give a little effort and it’ll go a long way.

#6 Bad Hygiene: This is mostly for oral hygiene. Men who have bad breath, yellow tinted teeth, smoker’s mouth, or chew tobacco are on a major chopping block! It is very hard to get over this for us women. It says you don’t care about yourself or how others around you may see (or smell you). Also regularly showering, using deodorant, and a light cologne is a must.

#7 Bad Eyebrows: This may seem silly to you but it goes along with numbers 6 & 7. You don’t need to get a wax or even pluck on a weekly basis but keep them under control. Brush them with a moustache brush and make sure you don’t have the dreaded UNIBROW!

#8 Strong or Meek Body Language: A lot of guys are obsessed with finding the perfect ‘swagger’ or strut but most women just get a laugh out of it. We get distracted by your overacted mannerisms. If you over-exaggerate your emotions, whether they are good or bad, we tend to get irritated. When you approach us with too much confidence and ‘swag’ or with too little (i.e. slumpish, slouching, etc.) it can send an early negative signal too us. Stand tall and smile, that’s the most important thing. Also, when ordering drinks, an overly pushy attitude can land you in the hurt bag just as much as a ‘fraidy cat’ waiting his turn. Be assertive and confident.

#9 Stained or Unkempt Clothing: For cryin’ out loud, IF IT HAS A STAIN, DON’T WEAR IT IN PUBLIC! We don’t care if it’s your favorite little league shirt from junior high that still fits, it’s OVER! Wrinkled, stained, musty, faded, ripped, and stiff clothes are not attractive to us.

#10 Socks: Good Lord, DON’T WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS! Cardinal sin. Suicide. Instant fail. Never ever is this acceptable. Always have socks to match your outfit. We don’t want to see white gym socks peeking out of your dress suit or see argyle socks rocking out of your Chucks. Oh, and if you didn’t know: NEVER WEAR SOCKS DURNING SEX! I am warning you- as soon as you move to a laying position, socks should be the first item of clothing your remove from your body. Trust me!

Now that you have a basic list of appearance turnoffs, you can be more prepared for the dating world. There unfortunately are many more turnoffs in a men’s appearance that women can’t always agree on. Some love tattoos and facial hair and for some it’s an instant ‘goodbye’. Some woman love long hair and pony tails, and some can’t stand it. The list above is the top 10 that we can all agree on, so always follow these rules!


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