Techniques To Sexually Satisfy a Woman

This is probably one of the top questions of all time: “What are some techniques to sexually satisfy a woman?”  A big question has a big answer and men and women can spend a lifetime discussing these tips and techniques.  These are the basic tips that men should heed if they’re looking to sexually satisfy a woman:

1) Don’t Be a Dick: By this, I mean don’t be selfish.  Sexually satisfying yourself is easy—you could do that at home, alone.  If you’re selfish or self-indulgent in bed, you probably will end up alone at home.  Be generous and it will be rewarded.  Don’t be a dick, no pun intended.

2) Talk About It: It’s not sexy to be embarrassed to talk about sex.  Talk it over and you’ll have an idea of what she’s looking for or what you can do better.  A little conversation goes a long way in the bedroom, so give it a shot.  Don’t be afraid to bring it up.

3) Listen!: This is really an extension of the previous advice, but if she says something, you should probably listen to it.  Don’t ignore what she’s saying.  A common pitfall of being a man is that you don’t listen to anyone.  Know your place and listen to what she has to say because it’s worth remembering.

4) Get in Shape: Here’s a broad tip, but in the long run it’s worth doing.  If you’re too out of breath and tired to have sex, you won’t be satisfying anyone.  Jog a few miles a week and build up some endurance.  That will go a long way.  Sex isn’t fun for anyone if you’re constantly on the verge of cardiac arrest.  Do some sit-ups or swim some laps—it builds character.

5) Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try some new things.  Sexually satisfaction is the product of variation and excitement.  Don’t let your sex life get boring.  Your partner will be a happy camper if you surprise her with something unexpected or new.  Pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra and try something crazy.

There are a many techniques to sexually satisfy a woman.  Take heed of these obvious tips and you’ll thank yourself later.  Get fit, listen and get a little weird with it.  Make yourself a better, or more desirable sexual partner—it will be an infinitely worthwhile way to spend your time.


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